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Suit sleeve length?

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Just to be absolutely sure, what is the proper suit sleeve length? Roughly at the hinge of your wrist, where it meets your hand?
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yes, the hinge is one way to think about. Another is just to feel the wrist bones on either side of your wrist and know that's about where it should hit. This is often about 4.5 inches up from the thumb, but rules of thumb (ahem) are often imprecise.

Someone should draw this up at some point to make this clear. I don't think I have ever seen a diagram, but I think if we had a diagram in the wiki, it would make it easier.
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There have been many posts here - with some different opinions expressed and defended - concerning the proper sleeve length for a jacket.

If I understand your question and statement - I would consider the point you described as being the proper length for the resting point of the buttoned tight shirt cuff, perhaps an eithth inch longer or so. So that I would want the jacket sleeve to be a bit shorter allowing the "linen" to show. Generally, go for a jacket sleeve length that hits just on the upper (elbow) side of the wrist bone. However, a very excellent way to perform the exercise is to go to the fitting wearing a shirt that has the proper tight cuff fit - so that it stops just slightly beyond that wrist hinge point. Adjust the jacket sleeve again and again, until it is just right to show the amount of cuff you have decided upon - I like 1/2" for myself, others choose more or less. Once you have that length perfectly determined, measure from the tip of the thumb to that jacket sleeve end point. And then make sure that the tailor uses that same measurement each time - and that they measure and mark both arms from the thumb - not the shoulder.
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Heh. Did I mention I'm having trouble making sure my dress shirts are of the right length at present?
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