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What to wear with a windowpane suit?

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I just got this suit off of Ebay (I know the criticisms of Burberry that you sometimes see on this board, but I quite like their patterns and find the quality to be fairly good -- especially for $40 bucks. I'm hoping the condition is as good as is claimed). It looks like a gray suit with a subtle deep red/burgundy windowpane pattern. I actually don't own any windowpane suits, which is why I desired this one ($40 bucks for a Burberry seems like a good way to see how I like the style). I really don't know what to wear with the windowpane pattern other than a plain shirt. Would a checked shirt be too much? Is a pinstripe shirt out of the question? Also, does the red windowpane limit the range of colors that I can have in my shirt and/or tie? Thanks. I'm learning so much from the wise men here.
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For forty bucks there is no way that you could've gone wrong. As for what to wear with it... anything goes, just make sure you look in the mirror before you go out.
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My two cents: I tend to go for solids, and try to pick up a color in the windowpane. For example, I have a wool cashmere chocolate brown suit with a cream colored window pane. I wear it with an off white shirt and a brown wool necktie I would think a checked shirt could work OK as long as the checks are of a different scale than the panes in the window. Bic
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I agree with the checks advice. Would a pinstripe shirt be an option? I was thinking that maybe a gray pinstripe shirt might compliment the burgundy windowpanes. But I'm not sure if the stripe clashes with the check? I guess I'll know better when I try it on, but if this is just a faux pax, then let me know.
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Awesome suit at an even better price. Here's what I'd recommend: Conservative route: Stick with a solid shirt in basic colors. You can't go wrong no matter your profession. You can let the tie 'do the talking'; with a simple shirt you have the option to go for a bolder tie and not be afraid that the entire outfit is too 'busy'. Fashionable route: Try a windowpane (though not a pattern that matches the suit exactly). Go for complimentary colors, and try a solid tie. I think the windowpane on windowpane would look great. As Bic said, a check would also nice. Try to make it a simple pattern though, as a wild check might look too 'busy'. Edgy route: If you are in a career that allows for some self-expression, pairing a striped shirt with the windowpane suit would look rather nice. I would stay away from those multi-color striped shirts, and choose one that has a simple striped pattern on a white or neutral background. Again, go for a simple tie.
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