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Originally Posted by 83glt View Post
Dude, you're retarded and don't know what the hell you're talking about. 100,000 is approximately the number of Americans who die from hospital infections each year. A little more than 40000 Americans die each year from car crashes. I guess cars just haven't become any safer since 1925. Every era is going to have it's pros and cons. I'm kind of surprised that you would point to two apparently prevalent causes of death from the 20's that are definitely still prominent today. At least come up with something that makes your point. I'm not trying to be a big defender of the 20's or anything, I just think you're being lazy and can't back up your point by making sense.

In 2006 there were approximately 15000 deaths in the US from AIDS. I don't recall AIDS being a problem in the 20's. I know pollution has always been around since the Industrial Revolution, but it's much worse now than it's ever been. Mercury in fish, air pollution, industrial pig farms, threat of nuclear holocaust, fox news? Pass.

If you look at the accident rate as compared to the amount of people who drove, far more people died by car crash per capita then than now.
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Originally Posted by Ataturk View Post
You mean like how if the car in front of you kicked up a rock it'd shatter your windshield and it'd kill you--or your doctor would because he didn't know he was supposed to wash his hands before operating? Pass.
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alabama, 1840s.
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post
Living in the past is a dumb idea, unless it's a period that's just so far back that you're really curious about it. It's all about the future. 20-50 years is stupid because we're going to all get fucked in this lifetime, but like 500 or 1000 or 10,000 years later, that would be sick.


I want lasers, teleporters, and robot hookers. Unless I was ridiculously rich/powerful, I would not choose to live in the past at all.
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I wish I was my age now in the late 70s/early 80s. Yea it was a shitty time economically, but I could have been in a funk band.
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i wish i was born in the 90s. so i can be a teen again.
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da future only
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well, we only have 9 years til LA looks like this so i can wait

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As a mixed race individual, I'd be fucked or at least severely disadvantaged in any era besides our contemporary time. So I'm cool with now. I'd choose the future if I was guaranteed access to a spaceship though. I'd also possibly be willing to live in a post-apocalyptic future depending on a few factors (e.g. prevalence of cannibalism, access to sweet football shoulder pads with spikes on them, and ownership of a souped up dune buggy); I think I'd do well as a raping, pillaging marauder.
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Star Trek-like future FTW. I'd get me a replicator and a holodeck and never fucking leave.
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Originally Posted by Flambeur View Post
Well, yes.

I wanna be able to duel.

Also lead my peers into the battle. On horseback.

I wonder how much more freedom being wealthy 200 years ago had compared to now. You could certainly duel, kill people without fear of forensic DNA profiling catching you every time etc.

I believe if you wanted to be a very bad person - kill people and other such "harder" crimes, the past would be your friend.

Equally though, your life expectancy even as one of the well to do would be far shorter and illness far more painful.
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late stone age would be my preference
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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
alabama, 1840s.

Besides trucks and a slightly more repressed form of post-George Wallace racism, has much changed since the 1840s? FWIW, I haven't been to Alabama since 2008.

Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard View Post
Star Trek-like future FTW. I'd get me a replicator and a holodeck and never fucking leave.

I wish TNG dealt more with holodeck addiction. I'm unaware of any reason I would leave the holodeck except for holodeck addiction counseling with counselor Troi.
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I'd be down with Conan the Barbarian's era....
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