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Wedding attire question

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Hi all --

I'm new to the forum, a graduate student living in San Francisco, and will be getting married in a few months (!).

I don't have much interest in wearing a tuxedo for the big day, and figured I would be better served by purchasing a suit (not that having a suit is very useful in the science world).

Anyway, I've already purchased a slim-fitting black suit with subtle gray pinstripes, some black lace-ups, and a white dress shirt. I'm trying to decide on what color tie I should wear.

I saw a picture of the actor Paul Rudd today, at the premiere of a play in NYC (the one starring Julia Roberts), and he was wearing a black suit and white shirt with an ivory tie. I thought it looked really nice, and since my wife-to-be will be wearing an ivory wedding gown, I thought it would be a nice touch. Do you think this would look nice, or is the ivory tie on white shirt combo a bit too much of the Regis Philbin Who Wants to be a Millionaire look?

Thanks for your help!
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Why not try to match the clothing of any other women that are in your wedding party?

In any case, I followed a similar plan for my wedding (while I was finishing my postdoc in Physics---hello fellow scientist). I had MTM suits made for myself and all the men in the wedding. The wedding was early so I stayed away from black and went with a deep charcoal/brown. Our ties were a green cashmere that matched the women's dresses and the shirts and pinstripes in the suits were a similar tone to my wife's dress. I think it came off well, not too fussy since the color matches weren't exact and never the same type of fabric.

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I have this tie from FIH, which is very similar to the one LA Guy wore for his wedding. If you ask nicely, he may re-post the pictures. They seem to have gotten lost in the Great Crash.

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That's very nice - almost like mother-of-pearl.
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Thanks for the replies. Our wedding will be a small evening affair, so I figured the black suit would work well in that situation. We're actually not going to have a wedding party, so there won't be bridesmaids with whom I can coordinate. You mentioned that you ended up wearing a green tie -- I've been thinking that would be a good option, and am basically trying to decide between that and ivory. That's a really nice tie -- I think that if I happen across a great-looking ivory tie over the next few months, I'll buy it, but if not, 'twasn't meant to be. Thanks! (P.S. To my fellow scientist, I'm a PhD student in neurophysiology.)
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Dude, you did just happen across it, the link is under the picture...
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