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Prints vs woven

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What sort of ties do you guys like to wear? (That is if you wear ties.) How about colors, patterns, labels etc??
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I really can't say. I prefer either, depending on the tie. I tend to favor bolder colored ties with subtle designs such as polka dots, stripes or checks. My favorite tie I own is a purple and blue, Robert Talbot Best of Class rep tie; otherwise my silver, Purple Label, 7-fold.
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i'm partial to hermes ties (no relation) not the ones with the small animals or objects but their more loud bold coloured prints and woven ones and strangely enough, i find donna karan signature to produce a good number of striped numbers that i like of late
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After experiencing the 7 fold ties (Bvlgari, Kiton, Attolini, etc), I haven't gone back.
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Depends on the occasion. I wear ties every day because I like them so for casual wear I like skinny ties (no specific brand but I own mostly Dior). For fun I have a bunch of vintage Emilio Pucci print ties. For dressy occasions I have 2 Kiton ties.
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I like both equally well, although I think I have more woven ones. As for colours and patterns, my ties run the gamut from sunglass requring (a Hermes number in hot pink with diagonal stripes composed of electric blue square knots, for instance...) to solidish earth tones (a heathered moss green cashmere number from Zegna). As for labels, I'm pretty unoriginal. The label that's most represented in my tie collection is Kiton. followed by Brioni. I like Zegna's wool ties (cashmere and 15milmil15), but do not particularly fancy their silk ones, nor do I own a silk Zegna tie. Other labels whose ties I consistently like include some mentioned all the time (Ferragamo, Paul Smith, Etro) as well as some rarely spoken of here (Lanvin, Alfred Dunhill). Ike Behar also has a "good" tie line, with wonderful silk and self-tipping, that is quite a step up from the Ike Behar ties available at Marshall's these days. Bulgari's ("BVLGARI") seven-folders are interesting. They're by far the cheapest seven-folds available, at least at high-street price. (They were under US$100 at Abu Dhabi and through Lufthansa's duty free programme.) The two halves are much more loosely connected than what I'm used to in my Kitons. Hanging flat, the two folded sections actually didn't meet, whereas Kiton sews them tightly together. In fairness, I'm judging from what may be a single batch, what was available at the almost-completed Bulgari store at the Abu Dhabi airport a couple weeks ago. Also, the construction does not seem to affect the drape. Peace, JG
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I greatly prefer woven ties although I do have a few prints. I like classic patterns (polka dots, stripes, houndstooth, plaid etc.) but with a dose of color or maybe a modern twist. In my opinion the Robert Talbott Estate ties are the best on the market. I've got quite a few Robert Talbott ties. I also really like the Ike Behar ties that Joe mentioned. The Bullock & Jones private label ties (made in France and England) and the Sulka ties I have are wonderful. The rest of the lot is a mix of Etro, Purple Label, T&A, Brioni, Boss etc.
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Anybody like Audrey Buckner ties? Louis Boston sold a lot of them in years past. There are always a ton of them at Nordstrom Rack. I've seen a lot of ugly ties with her name on them but she also does some really great designs.
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I prefer woven ties although I don't have a huge tie collection (still a student =/). I have 1 kiton 7-fold, 3 brioni ties (2 "normal" ones and a 3rd really neat one which i described in a post on this forum a long time ago-i just *had* to have the store hold it for me). I have a couple of Zegna ties, another one from New&Lingwood and that's about it. oh I have a corneliani tie too but it's not as good as the others in terms of quality although I like the pattern.
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Woven ties by far. The colors are so much more vivid. My favorite maker is Charvet. Oxxford makes some good ones too.
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90% of my ties are woven in classic patterns. I enjoy modern color combinations that liven them up, from Kiton, Barbera, Borrelli, etc. Will
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Wow - you've resurrected an 18 month old threat - very cool. Anyway, ever since I purchased my first Charvet tie on sale at Saks I've been a dedicated
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All my ties are Hermes, mostly blue with some red. Prefer small patterns (club ties) and the older stirrups or belts patterns. I'll wear either the silk twill or the heavier woven ties, which make a bigger knot. If you use Tiecrafters to reline and clean, these ties last a long time. Used to wear Charvet, but find that Hermes is easier to tie and that the linings don't get twisted as soon.
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What sort of ties do you guys like to wear? (That is if you wear ties.) How about colors, patterns, labels etc??
I may prefer printed because of Lanvin. They seems to have longer life and better looks. Blue, Red, Burgundy, Orange, Grey, stripes or plain (not animals or other fancy patterns) Lanvin (most printed) Faconnable (woven)
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I think there's room for both. I recently picked up a nice Drake's twill in a neat pattern, which while printed is as classic as you can get. Of course, wovens can be lots of fun. For favorite brands I would go with Drake's, Robert Talbott's various lines (I find I usually dislike their "Studio" ties) and I'll even vote for Brooks Brothers. I think they are underrated due to ubiquity, but they make a fine tie. Among other favorites are my Etro, Ted Baker, Ike Behar* and Gucci ties. I'm on a trip right now and brought two ties, a Drake's printed and an XMI woven. *I've seen Behar self-tipped ties at TJMaxx.
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