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Hilarious article about shopping for shoes

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http://www.yankeepotroast.org/daily/040308.html Very tongue-in-cheek: "While effects of modern political discourse on the marketplace of ideas has been thoroughly examined, the question of the effect of discourse on the marketplace for shoes has been grossly neglected in the field. The market for footwear has shifted dramatically, from Nike's Air Jordan boom in the late 80s through Ugg shortages during the 2003 holiday season, yet the causal role of political discussion in the protean shoe industry remains largely a mystery. "
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Hey, how'd they get ahold of my senior thesis?

"For race-crits, racism is not only a matter of individual prejudice and everyday practice; rather, race is deeply embedded in the office space, the boardroom, the board members, their suits, and perhaps even the shoes themselves. In C.R.T.'s Postmodern Narratives, racism is an inescapable feature of western shoes. The aspects of race and class have been and are still inscribed in the most innocent and neutral-seeming concepts. Even ideas like "truth," "justice," "flats," "pumps," or "boots" themselves are open to interrogation that reveal their complicity with power and race. The notion that one shoe itself is reasonable for the workplace is inherently infected with Western values of "neutrality" and "objectivity;" values that have proven to seamlessly coexist with bigotry and racism for centuries. The reasonable business shoe is infused with bias, stripped from all notions of passion, caring and sensitivity identified with race and associated with "the other" throughout Western thought. Postmodern business-wear's strength is in its ability to destroy elitism and vitiate the wardrobes and norms that promote elitism. Aberrations from and evolution of the reasonable shoe are a necessity if workplace equality is ever to be achieved. Anti-conformity with the white shoe is as imperative as the induction of racial and gender norms into the shoe."
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