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Good cologne website

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Thread Starter prices seem good, selection is excellent. Good descriptions of each. I am getting something new this week and having a hell of a time deciding between a few.
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Not bad, but the prices are still way too high... try PerfumeBay or Scentiments. I looked up everything in my cologne collection in Sephora and the prices came out to well over twice what I paid for my colognes on PerfumeBay and Scentiments.
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Wow. I never knew of this site. Have any of you ordered from here before? There has be be some catch, the prices are too good. 4.0 oz of Green Irish Tweed for $79.00... Thats just crazy.
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no catch to my knowledge, i've ordered from both of them and everything came out great. if you want the best deals many of their colognes are available as testers, which basically means the cologne comes without the fancy packaging (designed for store samplers and what not) for a few extra dollars off the price. if you want a lot of info on colognes, as well as a good directory of online stores check out, that site's been very helpful for me whenever i've felt like buying some cologne.
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