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Cotton Blazer, anyone?

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I just discovered this forum actually a few minutes ago and have had a delectable time perusing the threads here; there is such a wealth of knowledge and information, thank God for the internet. Anyways, i'm a 20 year old college student and I was packing for a trip to Korea when I realized that I could not locate my black cotton suit jacket. However, I decided that this is not that bad because it was getting a little bit on the small side and it was about time to get a new one. This one was purchased 6 years ago at Banana Republic for ~$200 and it was by far my favorite article of clothing. Anybody know where I should look to get a good quality cotton suit jacket. Anyone know the likelihood of finding a custom tailor make a jacket out of cotton, I know I can get a good deal here in Korea, but I don't know if they'll do cotton. As you can tell the most important part is the fabric, but of course the cut and style is important, nothing too trendy, three buttons and other than that, I'm not too picky. Full suit or separates is ok too. And of course, not too expensive, I did say I was a student didn't I?
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I actually found a decent deal at Express the other day (yes, I know most of you senior members hate it but hear me out) on their Military Blazer from last season. $30 on sale, surprisingly good fit, and unconstructed/unlined which is perfect for summer. The cotton twill fabric is also fairly airy and light. It just so happens to be three button as well! Maybe see if one near you is still carrying these on sale? I'm not sure, it was one of the few times I go there and I haven't been recently. Hope this helps.
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Brooks has some
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Try this. I'm thinking of picking one up as a summer replacement for my Dior Homme blazer.
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Originally Posted by Flame
Try this. I'm thinking of picking one up as a summer replacement for my Dior Homme blazer.
They also sell matching trousers, so you're able to build yourself a cotton summer suit:
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i have an unlined cotton blazer from benetton that has done me well. i got it for 60 or so dollars a while ago.
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Kohls has unstructured 3-button cotton blazers on sale right now for $10! I've seen them in khaki, navy and olive. Also, for about $20, they have safari-style jackets with working sleeve buttons (I can pretend it's bespoke )
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rip's in the right direction. Flame, I don't think $401 is a good price since he pointed out he's a student...
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Target has a few cotton blazers for $35. Sounds similar to Kohl's jacket, with the working sleeve buttons and all.
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thanks for the help everyone, i'll definitely keep looking.
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