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Thanks for posting.  That's a great price for AE Park Aves (although I think they're brown, not chili). dan
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I just found this forum, what a great bunch of info. Anyway, I'm looking to pick up a pair or two of Allen-Edmonds shoes and noticed that they have a "trunk show" next week at one of their stores near me. I've never been to one of these shows and am curious if it would be worth my time. I've searched this site and while trunk shows are mentioned, I haven't found anyone that has posted any "deal" from an Allen-Edmonds show. Thanks for any comments.
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I know nothing about trunk shows, but I've seen some Allen Edmonds oxfords (Wyngate - a perfed captoe balmoral oxford) at my local Marshalls this week for about half price. Not a really a good "sale" price, but it fit me ridiculuously well, and I finally wore out my previous black blucher, so I bought them. There were also some of the italian loafer AE's, which I stay away from. You might be able to find them at Marshalls at your area or at an equivalent store.
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Make sure there is going to be an AE rep there. The AE rep will be able to fit your foot better and will give you a lot of choices should you decide to have a special make-up shoe. AE has a lot of leathers available that are not part of their 'regular' line, be it blue suede, black suede, alligator, etc.
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I would not presume that a trunk show meant a deal or sale price. I've been to a couple, and it was regular price (but increased selection).
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The AE rep will be able to fit your foot better and will give you a lot of choices should you decide to have a special make-up shoe.
I've never been to an AE trunk show, but my experience with other brands has been mixed. Sometimes, they send shoe people who know their product and how their shoes are supposed to fit. Sometimes they send a sales rep who might just as well be selling anything else. If the salesman at the store is experienced and knows your feet, you might get a better fitting from him.
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This has been alluded to in some previous threads, but going over some of my past A-E catalogs, some changes in their brown tones that I had not liked but merely attributed to variations in dye lots I now realize are different leathers, and the new ones are not nearly as nice, in my opinion anyway, as what they replaced. The Brown Eversnow Calf was a gorgeous leather with rich, reddish overtones that I really loved. It has been replaced by Brown Antibes Calf, which is a dullish gray-brown that I don't find nearly so attractive. I note that in the A-E catalog, some shoes like the Park Avenue are illustrated made from the more attractive older leather. Now I see that the older Chili Burnished Calf that was my favorite A-E color with its rich golden-tan shades (sort of like a fine saddle) has been displaced by Chili Antibes Calf, which is sort of a brick-red color that I don't like nearly as well. I'd enjoy getting the opinions of any of our resident shoe mavens, especially Rider and Chris, as well as any other interested Allen-Edmonds loyalists. Perhaps if we mounted a letter-writing campaign to John Stollenwerk it would help. At least I can take some comfort in the fact that I already HAVE a good A-E shoe wardrobe.
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It is interesting you wrote this thread becuase I have been thinking about asking the same thing - except a different shade. The Black shoes I have seen recently at retail, which I think they lable as "Black Custom Calf" - don't seem to be as nice as the AE Black shoes I have. Specifically they seem rougher and granier. Are they skimping on their quality sources?
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This is interesting, and gets to the heart of the problems associated with producing on the scale that A/E is.  Actually, I like the Antibes calf in the darker brown shade - nice hand and some good antiqueing (which can be helped along easy enough) but the best is still whats left of the Burnished Calf.  I suppose the supplies' the thing.  I agree about the Chili; not as good as it once was.  Black Calf is the real issue that I see - on the Park Ave. and the Grayson, it's fine.  The rest is often sanded and plated; very boardy and with more fat wrinkles than one would expect.  If you see the Hancock in both the Brown and the Black side-by-side, you will see what I mean.  Obviously, Black is the most important color, so the supply here seems...inconsistent at best.  However, when you have to maintain certain delivery percentages to that Great Nordic ShoeMonster, or suffer their wrath, snipping a corner here and there is a small sacrifice to make...    
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My last pair of AE's is from last summer. I had sent a 10 year old pair of Chester's in for recrafting and they were destroyed by the factory. I was given a new pair instead and I was disappointed not so much in the leather as in the construction. Definitely some things got by QC.
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I was just looking at the AE collection a week ago, and I kind of like the brown Antibes, too. I didn't pay much attention to the chili Antibes, though I very much like the chili burnished. What are your opinions of the dark brown burnished? I think it's beautiful, but they use it so sparingly that I'm afraid they'll soon drop it. I'd like to see it on more models, but with the introduction a few seasons ago of the brown Antibes and the popularity of lighter browns right now, I don't see that happening.
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Thank you for your comments gentlemen. I have the Hancock in brown and my stepson has it in black, so I'll have to do the side-by-side comparison, Rider. I thought his black Hancocks looked very nice, but I certainly don't have as discriminating, discerning and educated an eye as yours, Ron. One problem I have encountered with my black A-Es is that after I have polished them and they have sat for awhile, a whitish discoloration appears, especially about the creases. Is this what is meant by the term "spidering," which I have seen in these forum but never known the full meaning of? Agree with you, Teacher, about the dark brown burnished. The Byrons in this color are among my very favorite A-Es. For that reason, I wanted to get the Seneca, the only other lace-up they make in that color, but I found that they were not attractive looking on my big feet.
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I need some new shoes for work (law firm). Hoping to upgrade from the world of Kenneth Cole. I've seen the many raves for Allen Edmonds on this board, but I'm looking for something a little less conservative. Can anyone recommend makers with a similar price point and a slightly more fashion forward sensibility?

Thank you for your help.
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You can find all kinds of fashion-forward stuff at that price point. What you'll be unlikely to find is fashion-forward stuff of similar quality to AE at that price point. The Martegani or Borgioli lines at Francos are probably your best bet.
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I hear you, AE are well made shoes but they sure are boring, aesthetically. Personally I cant stand their lasts, completely uninteresting. You could try John Loakes ( for similar priced shoes with a bit more style.
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