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I have very wide and flat feet. For American shoes, they have to be in EEE fitting and for most English shoes, I have to go for those in G fittings (often these are on models I DO NOT like.). The exception is EG. My size is UK size 8.5F in the 202 and 606 lasts. They are somewhere between other makers' F & G fitting. And EG does produce most of their models in F fitting. I am hoping that C&J will soon be making their Handgrades in G fitting. I have been lusting after their brown Weymouth for sometime now.... *Protest* *Protest* *Protest* People like us have "unfairly disadvantaged"
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At least most manufacturers do a limited range of wide shoes. The options are even more limited for those with narrow feet (other than Alden and AE).
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The new styles are out on the website - anybody know what was discontinued besides the Bradley calfskins and Lexington (the lexington might have been killed in the fall)? (I'm trying to figure what can I expect to see on sale and on ebay)
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e-mail the Chicago store at ask for a PDF file. You'll get pictures and everything of what was discontinued.
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It's an ill wind. I have a great weakness for A-E's in chili and have been fancying the Benton and the Kingsley in chili. This means that I'll probably be able to pick them up on the cheap at the outlet in Cabazon when they have their semi-annual sale. Might also spring for the Stockbridge in Merlot if the price is low enough.
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I saw those shoes.  Not very impressed.  For some reason it screams "cemented" at me, even though I'm fairly certain it is the same construction standard.  I think it's the flat, almost "duck-billed" toe style.  Soon to be extinct like those duck-billed dinosaurs due low sales. And what's with the weirdly perforated whole-cuts?  They've got another one, with perforations going up the length of the shoe in a straight line, when they could have simply came out with a nice medallion toe wholecut.   At least they added a brown wing-tip to their line.  No medallion on the wing-tip, though.
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Just checked out the A-E website and was also very underwhelmed with the new styles. The only one I found appealing was the new brown wingtip, the Birmingham. The perforated wholecut called the Hastings was particularly bad. Oh well, I probably have enough A-E's along with a few other decent shoes to see me through the rest of my life.
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On the plus side, I think they did a good job with this pattern: And like the new drivers as well... Next season they are doing a medallion. Picture the Park Ave. with a medallion - only problem is they put a punched cap like on the Troy behind the medallion . Also have a monkstrap for Spring with a floating medallion that looks good. The medallions a little goofy, but still a good pattern.
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RIDER, This is a joke, right? Those are some of the ugliest shoes I've seen this side of Stacy Adams.
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But don't miss what, quite possibly, is the ugliest 'new' shoe I have ever seen added to a line...
I don't think these are bad at all - I wouldn't go out and buy a pair but I would definitely wear these before I would wear tasseled loafers or clunky square-toe Kenneth Coles.
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This is a joke, right?
You think there that bad? I don't know, I think they are ok - the only sample I liked when they showed me the line some months ago. I'll buy it for the shop. I mean, were talking Allen Edmonds here, not Martegani . Their MO has always been more utilitarian than graceful........
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I have a pair of Lexingtons, which I quite like, and I like their new semi-brogue model that replaced it even more. That said, they really are turning out some unpleasant looking models. Perhaps a new design team would be in order at AE.
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I am sadly disappointed in the new spring line. I had budgeted to buy a new pair or two each season - but I wouldn't pay half price for any of the new shoes. I'm surpised they killed the Garner (Black Plain Toe Monk) - guess I am glad I got mine. Funny thing is I check this site daily now awaiting information of the new shipment from Bennies. Hope that comes through. Scott
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Hideous. I have a visceral reaction to these shoes. Honestly, what does it really take to design a good, classic shoe? Just buy one pair of C&J Weymouths and copy them exactly, or as closely as possible given any differences in construction methods. I never thought I'd say this, but compared to the new AEs, the old ones look positively elegant. Edit to add: I note that they are proud enough of their 'Hastings' monstrosity to put it on the front page of their site. At best, it recalls an extremely bad bowling or athletic shoe of some kind; at worst, well, I try not to use words like that on here - my grandmother sometimes checks up on the site.
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