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I buy from Nordstrom's when there is a sale, and Nordstrom rack all other times. Usually get them brand new for about $150 -Tom
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I'll check out the rack tomorrow, otherwise I'll check with bloomingdales to see what they can do. FYI: The seconds are sold at 25% off, and there is a current 25$ rebate going on at the outlets. So the current cost of a set of the standard AE dress shoes should be about 188.75. Chris: I sent you an email and private message (didnt know which was preferred.)
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(drizzt3117 @ 28 Sep. 2004, 5:46) I would definitely get Grensons.  They are higher quality than AE, even though the AE are nice.  I own both and the Grensons are certainly better.
i agree, at the price of $150 the Grensons are a much better purchase, but speaking from someone spending the entire working life in the shoes business, and i am now 41, i must say that the Grenson at $600 give or take, is not worth the difference over the AE at $295, give or take a discount here and there....but if the styles you desire are available, the i would definitely grab a Grenson,
I agree with Chris on this. For $150 obviously you go with the Grensons. At $600 vs. $295, however, the Grensons just aren't worth it for my use. If you have the money and your heart set on them, go for the Masterpieces, but I just wouldn't be able to justify it. Having said that, I absolutely love the Grensons that the UPS man brought today--thanks, Chris.
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That is true, I imagine that taking cost into consideration at their retail prices, the Grensons certainly aren't twice as good as the AE, but I think diminishing returns are generally going to be an issue regardless. I think if you are paying $150 for the Grenson and $150 for the AE, you go with the Grenson, because it is on an absolute basis, a better shoe.
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without a doubt, drizz is right, but i have to say, i do love my AE's, and when Nordstrom's runs thier sale, so do we...don't support the big guy, do you think they would give a hoot about you guys day in and day out, i like you guys, and we are the "little man" trying to make it...think about the train that had to say "i know i can, i know i can". that is us at Bennie's, just trying to find a way to make it day to day...but now "i know we can, i know we can", because we found some faithful and hopefully trusting folks who know we are not out trying to do them in, we just want to offer a good value at the right price.
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nightowl-- You and Louie certainly have my vote (remember the J&M Handmades?)--and I'm sure that goes for everyone here who's done business with you. Mike
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Hi - new to the forum. Thanks NYT.. Noticed that no one mentioned the "Cobblers Club". Everytime you buy at AE (reg or outlet) they stamp a card and note the price. After 6 stamps you get a free "Recrafting" and after 12 you get the average of the 12 pairs as a discount. I realize it takes a while (I'm up to 10 after 2 years) thats why I try to bring a friend so I get credit for his purchases too.
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Chris: Are you getting my emails/PMs? Havent heard back from you or anyone else there yet.. Im in meetings, but I use a blackberry so email will be returned in a few minutes. Knicksfan: Any idea if that works at places like nordstroms and bloomingdales? Or is it just the AE retail stores?
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As I understand it, you get credit for the Cobbler's Club only at Allen-Edmonds factory stores, outlets or on direct purchases from Allen-Edmonds. If you have access to an A-E outlet store, the best time to buy is during the semi-annual sales, when the normal price for seconds drops from $214 (for the usual $285 shoe) to $182. However, almost any time you go to one of the outlets they will have some specials and closeouts on sale for less than than that--typically $129 to about $160. I actually got two pairs of the Belmont spectator (one in brown & white, the other in black & white) for only $79 each. A plus with the Cobbler's Club is that if you forgo recrafting, they will ad the cost of this $95 (I think) to the average of the 12 pairs of shoes you have purchased. When I completed my Cobbler's Club card last month, I walked out of the outlet with five pairs of shoes, a passel of shoe trees and tubes of polish. My out of pocket expense was $741, including sales tax. If I had bought the same stuff at Nordstrom's paying regular retail, it would have cost me about $1,600. Admittedly, the A-Es from Nordstrom's would have been firsts. However, I have purchased 15 pairs of Allen-Edmonds seconds. On quite a few, I have been at a loss to determine why they were seconds. On the rest, the blemish is usually a minor imperfection in the stitching of the welt, except for one, where the imperfection is enough to be noticeable and make me feel a little rueful about it--however, the shoes, the Ashton in merlot, were only $129. Sometimes I feel like a bit of shill for Allen-Edmonds touting them in posts like this, but I hope this is informative.
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Oh well, it was a good theory while it lasted. I just headed over to bloomingdales to take advantage of the sale, but there was a problem. They do not carry allen edmonds. Kinda put a damper on the situation. I am nit up on spending 225/pair at the outlets just yet, so does anyone know when nordstroms will be having a sale? Still need to head to the rack, probably going there this afternoon. Chris: I left you another private message with my email address etc. I'm just looking for something similar to the AE coltons in 8d. My guess is you don't have much left, but if I am mistaken please email me back. Scot
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nightowl-- You and Louie certainly have my vote (remember the J&M Handmades?)--and I'm sure that goes for everyone here who's done business with you. Mike
thank you, that means a lot from the both of is, as much as i have enjoyed selling all of these shoes, i must admit that it has been a pleasure indeed talking with and associating with everyone in the forums, both style forum and ask andy...if all of my day to day customers entering the store could be as pleasurable and nice when told "i am sorry, we've sold out" would make my day more pleasurable as well...kudos to all of the members here, and there...and i hope we can chat another time, and maybe you will keep me in mind when you just need a regular shoe as well...all, take care and thanks again
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Chris: Are you getting my emails/PMs?  Havent heard back from you or anyone else there yet..  Im in meetings, but I use a blackberry so email will be returned in a few minutes. Knicksfan: Any idea if that works at places like nordstroms and bloomingdales?  Or is it just the AE retail stores?
i hope you have been getting my messages back, i sent one just an hour ago or so.
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Thinking of picking up a sutor mantellassi.... I wear size 10.5D in Allen Edmonds. Wear a 10E in Grenson (although I find this loose - this is a footmaster boot I recently purchased - although I was wearing dress socks at the time and plan to wear them with thicker cotton socks). Can anybody familiar with AC give me an idea of the size in sutor mantellassi Yes, I know the best thing to do is try them (that's how I go on but thats not really an option at this point.
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I assume you are ordering some Mantellassis from Yoox? I bought some a few weeks ago - I am a 10 in Allen Edmonds and found that the 9.5 Mantellassis fit me perfectly, so I would recommend getting a 10 if you are a 10.5 in AE.
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I recently purchased a pair of A-E loafers at a local off-price retailer; however, the quality is definitely not the same as other A-E's. The model is "Enfield" and the sole is Blake-stiched. I haven't been able to find any mention of this particular model on the official website, but it does look like the Cameron, except for the sole. As you can see, the markings on the inside is also different from other A-E's. So, is Allen-Edmonds outsourcing production of shoes (like this model), and who made it, or is this just a lesser line that they produce? BTW, I got it for cheap and can return it if I want to.
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