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Subject: Are my AE soles ruined?


TLDR: Crackpot cobler in Germany glued half-soles onto my AEs instead of a full re-sole.  Is this something AE can eventually fix?


Back story: I have been living in Germany about a year now and needed to have my McCallisters re-soled.  Found a cobbler who I thought would do me good on the resole, I even talked to him about whether the cork needed replacing.  He deceptively looked at inside of the shoe (presumably to see whether it was a blake stictch), further instilling my confidence in him, and we verbally agreed on new soles and heels.  Price was 46€ which, in restrospect, was on the cheap side.  I have sent other pairs to a cobbler where I am from in California and paid $80 for the re-sole, but this was Germany so certain things would be cheaper, right?  One week later, I pick up the shoes and am devastated.  The clown had cut the old soles halfway down the shoe, and made a really nice bevel on the welt.  I am pretty sure he ruined the shoe.   

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Has anyone noticed decrease in quality of AE? I've ordered two pairs of shoes recently and both had imperfections on the sole. Specifically minor indentations in the back of the sole where the heel meets the siding. I used to order factory seconds and expected these types of issues, but got some new ones through AE. Is this over obsessing or justified? The dent is hardly noticeable unless you look at the shoe very closely, but I used to recall each shoe being perfect.
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I wear Alden Modified Last and would appreciate if any of you gentlemen can tell me what Allen Edmonds last is close to that fit? I tried on last 8 a few years ago but it didn't fit right. I see the 201 seems to have a similar shape as the Alden ML. I have a high instep and a wide foot. Thanks you for your comments!
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Anybody looking to buy a reg priced pair from AE within the next couple months? I have a $50 off card I won't be using 

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Hey guys I have the same question about sizing with AE Chukka boots.  Thinking about a pair of the Bellevue Chukka and not quite sure what size to get.   Most of my other dress type shoes are 11.5 but some are 11's.    Anyone looking to see a well broken in pair PM please.....thanks!!

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