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Personally I like the stitching showing on the edges of the belt, aesthetically. There is also construction where the edges are stitched around the back somehow so the stitching doesn't show, but it's not just glued.

Anyway, I would rate the quality of the AE belts alongside (the older, at least) Trafalgar made in USA belts. Pretty good, especially at a discount, and durable.
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How would you rate these compared to "higher end" belts such as, say, Borrelli belts? Are AE belts past that threshold of quality where there isn't much difference except brand name?
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Originally Posted by Roger
That style of belt is said to have a "feathered edge" (sometimes referred to as a "drop edge"), as opposed to a stitched edge. I don't believe that this design is meant to cut corners by not having to stitch the belt, but rather because some people prefer no stitches to show on the outside, for perhaps what is seen as a cleaner appearance. Several of A-E's belt offerings are of this design, and their prices are equivalent to their edge-stitched models.
In addition, how do you tell if a belt is simply glued or not?
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Don't forget the C&J offerings from P.Lal. $110 US plus some shipping gets a pretty good leather belt that is made properly. I have one and have 2 more in the postal system.

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Hey, guys. Just figured I'd chime in. Bonded belts such as that one are called tuxedo front belts, and as Roger stated, that type of shape is called a feathered edge. They are not inferior in quality compared to stitched belts. Whatever the construction, it all depends on how the belt is made. A properly made belt that was glued without being stitched can outlest any shoddily-done stitched job. It is merely a matter of style and, and the aesthetic you are looking for. AE belts are made by a company called Crookhorn, as far as I know. Borelli also outsources their belts, though I don't know to whom. Commenting on quality is pretty straightforward. For example, what is the difference between an AE shoe and an EG shoe? It's more or less the same thing for the belts - belts made for Borelli, for example, have better leather, better bonding, better glue, better thread and better buckles (there isn't that much handwork in either belt, save perhaps the gluing). This constitutes the difference in price. AE belts are as well-made as their shoes.
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Originally Posted by josepidal
STP Allen Edmonds Belts URL

I'm looking at the Allen Edmonds dress belts on STP (see link), which seem good for the price. I'm sure the leather is good, but if you look closely, the belt appears to be glued and not stitched. Is this lower quality? Or is this a great buy if you're still looking for a great belt for your brown shoes.

This belt looks pretty nice.
It appears to have concealed snaps( although there is a ghosting on the top of the belt this is a feature that is expensive to do) and comes with two decent buckles.
Color wise it looks lifeless.
I prefer the sleekness of the unstiched belt.
This type of belt has been around for a long time.
They hold up fine.
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Is the buckle on the AE Mora too much? Or is it low-profile enough to be stylish? (Like the shoe?) Any opinions on the bevelled Cobbler: vs the flat Thayer: (Obviously I'm overthinking this, but that's what we're here for, right?! )
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I bought the belt in the middle and am satisfied, although more expensive belts seem noticeably better to the eye. I dislike how the leather seems to bubble or crease when you bend it in the opposite direction, but then that is not visible when you wear the belt.
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Borrelli does not really make great belts. They are just sewn together by machine. There are a few really good beltmakers out there. I use April in Paris, but there are some others in the same class. These belts are for people who really appreciate them. They are not like clothing where you can really see the difference from afar. If you want a nice buckle, there is only one maker I have seen who really stands out. He has already posted in this thread. Again, his stuff is for people who really want something special, not for holding your pants up. AE belts will be as good as Borrelli and the others IMO. FWIW, Borrelli belts run toward gaudy.
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Just wondering -

How much would you be willing to pay for slightly used pairs of AE shoes, like Fairfax or Byron models if I were to offer some for sale on here before putting them on EBay?

Would $100 + shipping be a fair price to ask?
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Depending on the model, MSRP, and amount of usage, I've paid up to $90 before shipping. So yes, $100 plus shipping would be fair but on the high end.
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Originally Posted by Bradford
Just wondering -

How much would you be willing to pay for slightly used pairs of AE shoes, like Fairfax or Byron models if I were to offer some for sale on here before putting them on EBay?

Would $100 + shipping be a fair price to ask?

Not for used ones I am afraid. I am not a buyer of used shoes but you can get new ones for around $120 (sometimes less, much less) on eBay so used ones typically go for anywhere between $25-$75 depending on the condition and other factors.
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I wouldn't pay more than $75 for used AE's, but then, I wouldn't buy used shoes. $100 is fair, but on the high end.

The only used AE's that tend to always go for more than $100 are shell cordovan shoes and spectators. although every now and then, somebody drops 150 or so for a pair of used AE calf shoes on ebay.
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Guess I can't get rich by flipping used AE's

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What does "slightly used" mean?
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