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Allen Edmonds: Official Thread

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I am considering ordering a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes. They don't sell Allen Edmonds where I live, so I cannot try a pair on before buying.

How are Allen Edmonds' sizes compared to other brands?

I have shoes Church's, Lotusse and Tod's in British/European size 8.5/42.5, which I have assumed corresponds to American 9.5. I am aware that the use of these measures vary widely, not to say the mapping from one measure to another, so I am interested in comparisions to the brands I mentioned.

Thanks in advance.

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Have a look here and at the (linked) last chart: I find that rule "American 1 size up from European" is usually not correct, ½ size is quite sufficient with most shoes and in the case of Allan-Edmonds, which in my experience run large the same size it might well be right. Even more difficult is the right width, as European shoes don't come in a choice of widths anymore. If you take Church's 8 ½ F I would go for AE 8 ½E but 9D or even 9C might be the better choice. Make sure that you can exchange them if you are buying without trying the shoes on.
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AE resists the lure of offshore labor; sticks with US manufacturing plants.  Read the article here (free, trivial registration required, or visit anonymously via Bug Me Not).
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Allen Edmonds Valencia A couple of questions for this model: 1) What last is it based upon?  (The markings inside say "Allen Edmonds Made in USA Valencia 10 D 74162 10 8304 4932") 2) How is this particular style classified as(i.e. Formal, Business, Business Casual, etc.)?
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This is the first time I've seen those particular shoes, although from the pictures it does look like a genuine Allen Edmonds. I'd put it under the business casual category. Of course, with the plethora of shoe styles going around even business formal offices these days, they might be able to pass muster in most environments.
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I see, thanks.  Well, would you reckon it's fashion-forward or backward?  Also, can it be considered "European" styling?
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Umm, I hope you didnt bid. Nordstrom's has a bunch of Allen Edmonds, and something with a similar styling, on sale right now for $180ish. Also try Sierra Trading Post: Almost the same thing... Free shipping coupon code: LSC32
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This shoe was made for the European market, that is why the lining numbers are different than the US models. I think this pattern also was presented to the US market, but did'nt fly. Anyway, if you recall some of my post, i.e. A/E, I have commented on some problems they had with black calf. This is a great pic of that - notice the finish coming off on the vamp. This is why I sent so many back last year. This problem seems to have been addressed successfully.
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I picked these up for $95 each at a local dept. store clearance, kind of an impulse purchase. I like the plain Aldens but they appear quite dull currently, which I hope a simple polish will remedy. The Allen Edmonds are just plain different, but I can't decide if I like them enough to get a good amount of wear out of them... thoughts?
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I like the look of those AEs - I think they'd make a great 'dressy' casual shoe (I can picture them with a nice pair of chinos - or even certain jeans - and an open-necked button down shirt). The Aldens almost look pebble-grained in those pics, are they? Even so, they'd probably make a decent 'business casual' kind of shoe, at least. Why were they selling them for so little?
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they are not pebble grained. They were simply on clearance, they had plenty of upper end shoes on clearance but few pairs with normal sizes left, I just got lucky.
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The AE Hillcrest's are great; I have owned a pair for over a year now and am very satisfied. Enjoy them in good health. Jon.
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Very good purchases at excellent prices. The Aldens especially are classics.
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The AE shoes are nice. They are currently on sale at Nordstrom for $199 (original retail is $295). I've actually had my eye on them but I don't think they are worth $200. I think you can get lots of mileage out of them, especially since they are, as you say, different. They would look nice with some navy or charcoal slacks. Don't limit yourself to just chinos. Keep them and enjoy them.
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thanks for the opinions guys.. Slowly but surely the collection builds. Now on to the even higher end
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