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Prevent stinky shoes

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I recently bought a pair of shoes that I plan on wearing sockless. Is there any way to prevent the shoes from smelling like rotten feet? I do not have an odor problem normally, but when I wear Birkenstocks or flip-flops they tend to develop a nasy smell after a while and I don't want this to happen to these shoes.

Thanks in advance
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I'd imagine you'd want to be assiduous about using shoe trees and that you'd want to give them as many days between wearings as possible. Beyond that, being a sock man, I'd be unable to provide much in the way of useful counsel.
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Not all feet are suited for the sockless treatment. Try no show socks.
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if you don't have any problem, medically, with your feet then the leather on your sandals could be the culprit.
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What kind of shoes are they?
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Banana Republic sells loafer socks. They're cheap and they work really well.
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Near the end of this last March, Mayday981 posted a similar query in the Body Consciousness area of the Men’s Style section of SF.

Originally Posted by Mayday981
Hi everybody, I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions for food odor. Everyday after a long day of work I go home take off my shoes and my food smells like somebody died in it. I don't know if it's because I wear it too much or if it is just the shoe but it's becoming quite a wretched smell .

Whether the odor is from your feet, shoes, or a combination thereof . . . a solution of sorts was posted here in the weeks leading up to the Great Server Crash early this year.

One of SF's shoe-focused members (who shall remain anonymous) shared the results of an ongoing experiment in shoe bleaching with other SF members in a multi-post thread. A dilute bleach solution that, as a side-effect to getting rid of the "hideous" original John Lobb color, also removed the pesky aroma of fine leather from some John Lobb shoes. This might just do the same for not only your prandially permeated pumps, but your funky feet as well. In fact, to save some time, you might consider just dunking the whole fettid combination into a bucket of the six percent solution. Why bother even removing your shoes?

Clearly, the answer was awaiting you here until the aforementioned server crash! Your feet, your family, society in general, and the Mayday's restaurant diners will be forever grateful to Style Forum.
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Originally Posted by StevenRocks
Banana Republic sells loafer socks. They're cheap and they work really well.

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Thanks for all of the replies. The loafer socks sound like a good idea, although I would like to try sockless for a while (never done it before). Ill also have to take a closer look at the Kiwi stuff.

Originally Posted by NMW1982
What kind of shoes are they?
They are Bacco Bucci leather driving shoes.
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