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I think the best way is to ask a doctor about this.

Good luck!
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i have a patch in my facial hair that came from getting my wisdom teeth removed. dental surgery is actually a pretty common cause of patches in facial hair under the jaw.
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Clobex is a highly potent topical steroid that has helped some people with Alopecia.
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Originally Posted by aaronxxx View Post
i have a patch in my facial hair that came from getting my wisdom teeth removed. dental surgery is actually a pretty common cause of patches in facial hair under the jaw.

Thats actually really interesting. I had reconstructive jaw surgery in December 2002. I've tried to look at pictures of my face before then to see how the beard was, and the patch was considerably smaller, but I always just chalked it up to me being younger and having a less thick facial hair growth.

But, I always did think this patch was related to that surgery. Very interesting that you have the same situation. I should note that from the surgery in December 2002 (and about 4 follow up surgeries therafter) I have no feeling in my lower lip and chin, and most of my lower gums have no feeling either. Seems more and more to me like this is the culprit.
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The same happened to me. I had a patch come while I was super stressed.  New kids, school, terrible job.  It ultimately went away.  It did come back during another stressful period.  I agree it may be stress related.

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I have the same thing! And it "migrates" around about an inch area too. I just go with it and make a joke out of it if anyone notices. I think things like that are much better if they're not made into a big deal.

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whether the treatment is mandatory for this case"alopecia in face"?

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Hi am having the same really fed up...its thr for past 4months...pls tell me how to get rid of this
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I too have this face patches. teally worried of this..its been for past 4 thr any cure for this...
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I have spots of alopecia on my cheeks and where the right side of my mustache meets the chin. Mine isnt a medical condition. I didn't get facial hair until i was about 24. At almost 42 i have a full neck, full chin, 98% of a pretty thin mustache. Chunks on my cheeks. I am over 1/3 native american. Though my father of french/English decendency was shaving around 10-11 years older.
I hate shaving so i found a way to blend the patches with length into my growth areas... thus covering the bald spots. I may not have the answer ppl want, but i know what works for me.... i grow it out. I keep it clean and oiled.. i have learned to be happy with what i have. I dont shave anything. I left it grow 2-3 inches. I clipper it with a 2 inch guard. It fills in better this way for me. The key is being happy with what u have and make it look good. The smile on ur face and the smile in ur eyes make all the difference. Is my beard huge and bushy like i wish it could be? No. But it looks good. My wife and kids love it.... and i get.compliments over it. Believe me when i say i tried it all.... but it didnt work till i was happy with me and worked with what i had. Im currently growing back in... i had a beard burn while spot welding and not covering my beard. Give me a month and if u like i will take some pics showing what i do with my beard... and some showing whats missing. Think non cheesy comb over. Lol
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Hey people.


im writing this because i was looking for something similar when i had the issue in my beard called (Alopecia Areata). This isnt a proffesional report or anything, im just here to help the others who suffer from bold patchs (Alopecia Areata) because i know how it feels when i had it.

I suffered from Alopecia Areata on the beard and the pictures will show the various stages of hair loss. However dont do what i did and ignore it no treat it with the magical stuff that did it for me REGAIN for men !!! twice a day apply and stick by it it will work promise had Alopecia Areata THREE TIMES on various areas and its worked on all of them!


Picture 1 -- when i noticed the patch and ignored it DONT!!!



Picture 2 - size increased massively 



Picture 3- after months of treatment there's the improvement .





this is a picture of the spray u need and i used




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