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V-neck or crew neck undershirt?

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Just curious - Who here wears V-necks v. crew necks (or vice versa) and why? Some other "style" source I read said that in wearing a dress shirt, your undershirt should never be exposed. So I'm thinking the V-neck is useful in business casual contexts (sans tie) where one leaves the top two buttons unbottoned, and because of the V of the undershirt, it wouldn't normally be exposed, showing the manly top of your chest (hair or not). If you have to wear a tie, it follows that it really doesn't matter what undershirt you wear. Does anyone here think it is inappropriate/tacky to wear a crew neck under a dress shirt, exposing it slightly in a business casual setting? Does anyone think that with a thin dress shirt, seeing the outline of a V-neck undershirt is also tacky?
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I wear white crew necks under a shirt and tie, white V-necks for business casual (when I don't want my tee shirt to show), and colored crew necks for casual if I actually want my tee shirt showing (color-coordinated with everything else of course). The option of showing a colored crew neck tee shirt gives the possibility of drawing people's eyes to my face, much as a tie would do in a business setting.
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You're using terms interchangeably. Tee shirts are not undershirts (which usually are lighter). It's okay to show tee shirt. Undershirt is not supposed to be shown, but if it is, this company's advice is that the color should be the same as the shirt above it. That way, the "crime" is unlikely to be noticed.
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