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I'm pro 3 piece suit, but I think it is a more of a fashion forward or retro look, so not conservative. I would not wear one to an interview unless it was at a job where you would be expected to have a lot of 'character'.


I really like how David Gandy’s suit looks in this photo (though I think the sunglasses detract):


Trudeau looks fine in his three piece to me too

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Though I absolutely love 3 peice suits I feel like you have to be over 40 to pull them off.
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I think it helps when the vest doesn't rise too high and cover too much of the tie and shirt. That's why I think Gandy's look above is perfect.
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Attended a company event recently and 3 piece suits were well represented, myself included. Some of their appearances might not meet the high standard set within these forums, but it certainly does not seems like they are going away nor being shun. Not sure how popular they are in a strictly business setting however.

I find them quite versatile actually. Perhaps them being technically a classic but carry a certain retro/trendy flare to it makes it both proper yet somewhat different at the same time. They also fit the local climate. I also feel like they let me slack off on shirts a little as well for better or worse.

I am having a hard time finding a suitable waistcoat with real lapels however.

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Three piece suit is awesome and never outdated.
But you should wear it only if you are slim.
3 piece suit is really good on young guys.
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