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so there is all these brands (js, knell, raf, geller) but there is no mention of where to buy them. Any help on stores/online that carries these brands in sizes for short slim guys
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Yeah.. a RANT!

120 lbs
lean, trim, in shape and f$cking mad as hell every time i have to go shopping growing up in NYC.

i despise fashion and trends.
Although i can say that am very happy to see the rise in menswear, and what it has sparked back in american men being more attuned to clothing, and so this makes it better for us.

i prefer classics.
i just want great quality, and cut in my garments.

i have done the ladies department, hopping the seems wont be too feminine.
i have done kids rack from high to low.
shopping this way.... yes there are occasional items that slip us a season or a boys jacket that might just get you out of a jam.but it never feels right, and deep lurking in behind the mind is always a feeling of wearing a fraud piece of clothing for either a child or a women.
it can f$ck with you.

i know the pain of being short, and giving major attention to the details of what to wear.
i have gone through a few changes growing up -rocker, punk, skater, skin, smoothie, rude -

i will pay way too much for items that are made right for my difficult frame.
i'm lucky to have meet my lady tiger about 16 years ago who is Japanese and has turned me onto the only country in the world that gets being short, and not discriminatory, or a second class citizen to fashion being so.

so yeah, i have made the rounds through allot of the denim brands and speciality brands, head porter, visvim, buzz rickson, real mccoys, ect ect. some work better then others.

having that knowledge, and wifey who could translate, and help order....
i have wasted plenty of hours measuring things out online, then paying crazy foreign fees, or proxies, praying that item come and will not be too big.. it sucks honestly having to shop in such a hit and miss way.

even with mens cuts starting to slim down nowadays, most "S" sizing in american brands still look like big brothers hand-me-downs, and the excitement of "XS" tends to wear off after i find wither the sleeves are too long, or some other detaisl is just in need of alteration.

so i defiantly say.

- Realize that most items off the rack will not fit to your body proper without you having it altered from a good tailor. so find one, and start a good long relationship with one.

because of all of this, I tend to shop Japanese at a few
- Blue in Green
- Self Edge
- Inventory
- Dover Street Market
- Nepenthes nyc

Slim tapered denim fits which i still tend to have additional tapered after hemming.
Pure Blue Japan
Studio D'Artisan

Samurai T-shirts: size S
Real McCoys: size 34
Buzz Rickson: size XS or 34
Fullcount Button downs: size 36
Needles: XS
Band of Outsiders: size 0
Saturday's Button Downs: size XS
Anderson of Scotland Everest Knits: size 36

there is more...

i'm still mad and angry ever time i need to purchase something like a technical jacket, a wool coat, or a suit, tie, shorts, or much about anything...
because being a minority in size and wanting well made goods is really a challenge.

ok i can go on and on..
and i'm sure i will repost again to keep this thread alive.

my fellow vertical challenged gentlemen. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
never give up!
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hi, I am in a similar situation here, 5'6" 130lbs asian with short limbs, the major problem I have is longer than expected sleeves, and inseams.


I am recently looking for a suit and dress shirt for interviews, can you recommend something for me?


Big thanks!

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Hi guys,

I'm 5,5" and 127 lbs myself. I have a lot of nice stuff of brands like Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Hickey Freeman and the likes in large boys sizes 14/16/18 M/L/XL.
Suits, blazers, coats, some sweaters and shirts. Timeless quality pieces, which are basically part of every year's collections and are a smaller version of the item's that are sold at the men's dept.
Many of them are new or hardly worn as they are slightly too big or small for me. I want to sell, as I need to free up some closet space.
I know how hard it is to find proper clothes in small sizes, maybe I got something for you?

Feel free to PM me if you are interested or are looking for anything in particular.
I can of course send pictures and sizes/measurements on request!
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