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Jeans, dress shoes or speedcats, t-shirt or stripped dress shirt, sports coat. But that all depends on where I'm going. Beginning of Friday night I was in a sports coat and t-shirt. By the end of the night I had ended up leaving my blazer in the car and dressing it down a bit for a college party.
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Huge fan of loafers. The chucks, vans, old school adidas thing has been done to death for years in LA but at most clubs I wear the same so as to not wreak havoc or let havoc wreak itself on my nice shoes.

I have 3 gucci loafers all tasteful no bling (one black grainy leather, one hazelnut suede, one camel suede), red taper square toe calvin klein loafers (nobody wears red leather loafers except me), some bally (too dressy for jeans) and I'm picking up some denim/dove leather loafers this week from south coast plaza.
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Shoes: chuck taylors or moccasins

Pants: dark skinny jeans or linen pants in the summer sometimes

Tops: sweaters if its cool enough. if its warmer, polo or tshirt with a thermal underneath usually.
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I've been married for ten years and thus usually end up at "bars" rather than "clubs" when I go out with friends, as I'm not looking to pull tail. I wear a t-shirt, jeans, and Chucks or boots. This is also suitable attire for shows, and I've never seen any reason to change it.
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Tonight - Onitsuka Tigers, APC NS, Black RL Linen button down, charcoal 50/50 poly/cotton t shirt.
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Generally a polo shirt(Lacoste/Ralph/Fred), Nudies/APC's/Lacoste Jeans(got them ages ago but they're actually raw!) Lacoste sports shoes for the casual look, Ben Sherman shoes for a little bit more elegance (looks less like I'm going for a run), or a pair of Aquila's if I'm trying to dress the get-up up. Ralph Lauren or Ben Sherman Blazer if needed.... --Wade M
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i usually wear a track jacket, t-shirt, belt, jeans and havaianas for a casual outfit..and a blazer, rock tee,belt,jeans/dress pants and vintage sneakers as club/party wear
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i live in a small college town. however we do have a booming nightlife scene. being a smaller town though and in the south things are a lot more casual. what i would wear here to go out at night is the kind of stuff i wear during the day in my hometown of houston -- thats how lax it is. i have a few outfits that i rotate but they generally look like this . . .

nudie RRDG
snug vintage tshirt
beatup pointy cowboy boots

nudie RRDG
black or navy blue lacoste polo (no undershirt)
same boots

nudie RRDG
AA two tone S/S henley
brown checkered vans slipons

snug vintage western shirt
same nudies

i like the rough, workwear cowboy boot look. i know it sounds a little too western but its not as literal looking as it sounds. i actaully have a lot of friends ask me how i can pull it off without looking like the ag major, country bumpkins do haha.

i try to wear as few accessories as possible, cuz i dont like things around my neck or on my wrists and plus theres the chance of losing them in my intoxicatedness . . . and everything i wear is washable except the jeans, cuz spilling drinks on nice shirts suck
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Histrion, how do others dress in the clubs you visit? You could get an idea of what to wear by looking at them. If I'm going to a rave, I'll break out the biker goggles, trendy tee, some bracelets, and baggy cargo/bondage pants (you can find these all on ebay by searching for 'rave goggles' 'rave pants' etc... mix and match!) along with some comfortable clogs or shoes. If it's a trendy club, you can go for a track suit (the shinier, off-colored ones are a lot more fun) and running shoes. Top it off with a head visor and maybe an LED blinking necklace, and you'll be ready to mingle with the fine ladies in their Juicy Couture. Again, you can check out ebay to get an idea (Adidas track suits and visors are dead-on trendy so you'll find them in droves right now if you search - so are those LED necklaces). Everyone else has great ideas about mixing and matching with jeans, tees, buttondowns, etc. Hope you assemble some outstanding ensembles!
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