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The Thin Blue Line

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I don't recall anyone on SF who is a police officer or firefighter, but if you've ever seen the way that those communities pull together to honor those who die in the line of duty, it is something to behold.

I was able to see such a display by the police and fire communities in my state this last week, and I know that it gave great comfort to my friend, who lost her husband. I'm certain we've all seen the post-9/11 things on the television, but it is even more moving up-close.

For my part, it certainly gave me a greater appreciation for the work they do, and the risks they take, for the rest of us.
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If you're interested in police, I highly recommend checking out BLUE BLOOD, by Ed Conlon. He's a Harvard grad turned 3rd generation NYPD officer. An excellent, engaging, and informative book.
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