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Kiehl's in London

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Anyone know where I can buy Kiehl's products in London?
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You can get it from most places that have a decent selection of skin care products. If you are travelling there, I've also seen Kiehl's at the airport.
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do you know anywhere like that in covent garden?
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There's a Kiehl's a short walk from Covent Garden tube stop.
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i always find it intriguing how pricing for kiehl's and other 'american' products work in the uk and europe in general

if a bottle of 'x' kiehl's product is US$18.00 in the usa, for some odd reason, the brits simply take the US$ sign and replace it with a pound sterling sign and it becomes UK18, which is grossly overpriced from an exchange rate point of view

but i see this in london all the time, with kiehl's, anthony logistics, etc., the US$ sign is simply replaced

i'd be pissed if i lived in the uk
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Many things, like food and RL are priced the same way in London. It's a tough city.
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