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non-leather supportive sneakers?

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i have a pair of ultimate 81 onitsuka tiger shoes, but my feet simply need more support. i'm always hurting after standing for a few hours, and i need shoes that i can do a lot of walking in all day.. anyone have any non-leather suggestions?
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This should probably be in streetwear, but what kind of shoes are you looking for? Slim shoes, basketball shoes, cross trainers, running shoes, or something else?
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i prefer the sneaker or running athletic look, but comfort is a big neccessity... nothing like converse in this case.

i was searching around looking around, and was considering these possibly: http://www.mooshoes.com/invoice_vari...roduct_id=5008

Haven't been able to read any reviews about them though
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onitsukas are definitely lifestyle shoes... my pedio, er, foot doctor recommended shoe inserts for me... i got "spenco" shoe inserts with a hard plastic arch support. definitely helped me in that area.
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I wear Spencos with all my running shoes and combat boots. Phenomenal, and last for years. Might have to size up if your shoes don't have a removable insole.

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New Balance has some very durable, supportive sneakers. For the technical details (including lasts) and reviews, try Zappos. However, it is risky to buy footwear you haven't tried on in person.
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Style aside, for regular everyday wear I give thumbs up to New Balance. However, for running I much prefer Nike.
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