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Any advice on this suit please?
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Looks a bit worn and the color isn't that versatile. It's a good buy, but some thrift stores have them for even cheaper.
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Ouch, that hole is quite big and in a conspicuous place. I have no experience with reweaving, and don't know the possibility of a perfect fix. You have an advantage since there is donor fabric in the unhemmed cuffs. I just don't know if it's possible. Nice suit though. Could be a darker tan, as one eBay questioner put it.
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I have rewoven dark blue wool suit pants but cotton on the shoulder??????

I would worry.

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Thanks guys - I won't bother - too much hassle!
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So i wouldn't do it. Its a light color. The hole size is easibly reweavable but with that color you should worry about it showing. if it were a darker color i would say go for it. Hes a great seller and has some nice stuff. But pass it up lighter color = easily showing.
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