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nice shoes for under $150?

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Do they exist and if so where should I be looking?

I had a pair of brown florsheim brett's where the sole seperated from the top and want to get something that will last more than a year with moderate use.

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Any dress shoe that retails at that price point is probably better considered disposable. I'd consider upping your budget a little and buying welted shoes on sale--if you were in New York this week, for example, you could get a black captoe oxford made in England at Brooks Brothers for $199 + tax. At that price level, say $150-$250, and with patience, you should be able to get good shoes that will last for years.
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You can often by Allen Edmonds on-line (there is an AE site on Ebay) for deep discounts. The caveat is that you need to know your exact size. And of course you have to like the shoes. Lots of folks here buy from Grapevinehill on ebay. You might also find some Cole Haan shoes on sale online. To help whatever shoes you buy last longer, use shoe trees, polish, and leather conditioner. A good shine will make any shoes look far better.
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Umm B&S is all I can think of for that cheap. There's eBay, but you have no idea how they take care of their shoes. SFers even put their slippers in shoe trees.
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Ron Rider (SF member name: RIDER) sells his shoes for under $200 on ebay often. I have never tried them, but other style forum members love them.
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Since you are in Boston, you can take a look at the Ferragamo outlet in Wrentham, but you are still going to be below their price range unless you get very lucky. Hit the clearance rack at the Chestnut Hill's Bloomingdale's. They are currently having a big sale ($25 OFF $100 spent, $50 off of $250) and you may get lucky, stuff is 50% off of the lowest price, they are often pretty well stocked with Paraboot, AE, Too Boot, and sometimes a random A. Testoni/etc., on that rack.
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Thanks all, so I am not really looking for a dress shoe as my workplace is business casual, but rather a shoe that is reasonably well made and will hopefully last more than a year if possible...didnt know if there were any other suggestions? thanks
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It's actually a lot easier to find casual dress shoes on sale. Maybe try a suede monkstrap or a pebble grain chukka to start.
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At that price range, it'll have to be more of a "stumble across a deal" scenario. You likely won't be able to purposefully go out to bring a pair of nice shoes home that day at that price. If you're cheap (like me), you always have to have an eye open for things and be ready to pounce when you see them.

My suggestions would be to have a look at the B&S, Nordstrom Rack, Saks' "Off 5th" (or, if you're in Canada, Holt Renfrew Last Call). You can also check out and see if you can pick up some factory seconds or sale shoes (particularly from their house brand). You'll probably be slightly over your $150, but that might just have to be the way it is.
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I bought a pair of AEs on Amazon for $180 maybe 6-8 weeks ago. It's a little higher than you're talking, but not by much, and you're getting a pretty good pair of shoes. I don't know if they have any deals like that right now, but if you're patient it may pay off.
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Do you all have DSW up there? If so, give them a try. You'll most likely have to ignore 95% of the shoes in the store but there will be a few worth having that will hit at or below your price point for a day-to-day business casual environment.
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If you want shoes to last more than a year, you will need 3 pairs of shoes to rotate every 3rd day. Then, put them in shoe toes. For casual shoes for about $150, you can check the Endless 45% off sale for Allen Edmonds. is owned by, a reputable company. The selection is limited, though. The Pomona might be a good choice as a business casual loafer. Just filter the selection by "Sale and Clearance" and sort from low to high price. If you have a Bank of America card, you can go to and use the Add It Up Program(cash back), to get an additional 9% off. If you don't have a BOA card, you can go through fatwallet cash-back link to get an additional 6% cash back on your purchase. You could also try Grapevine Hill as mentioned by philosophe.
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