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Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg View Post
some Cone denim close ups on my Raleighs--around 3 months.

btw I went by the Raleigh Denim HQ recently and they said they were now making all their jeans with a new collaboration with Cone--a denim that's a little chattier and with a little more horizontal white lines than the previous denim--it was White Oak before, I think.

The guy explained their Nash v. Lincoln, etc; straight v. slim identifications: Nash and Lincoln are wash types: Nash is raw, Lincoln is washed (not sure if it's a consistent wash) It got complicated, but I found out they do not make a slim leg raw jean, which is too bad. However, it was explained to me the previous time I went in there (back when they were south of downtown Raleigh, not in their new location) that the slims and straights are identical except for an inch of tapering from the knee down.

I also told them I was a 28 and they said "we don't even make that size sometimes!" So small dudes, good luck with these.

and some of their girls ones are great looking--bright aqua seafoam blue jeans and inside-out-looking jeans.

Fabulous pictures and thanks for the fit info! Can we get any fit pics?
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Just got a pair last week.... love 'em!
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Originally Posted by Kid Nickels View Post

Just got a pair last week.... love 'em!

Can we get some fit pics? Which ones did you go with? Original?
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Originally Posted by lummers13 View Post

Can we get some fit pics? Which ones did you go with? Original?

It's funny I don't know! happy.gif I was on vacation, out window shopping, saw 'em and just grabbed 'em! Lemme check and get back...
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Bought my first pair of Raleigh's today. They have 3 styles of raw denim and a few other that are rinsed once or washed. Also, she said they were developing a shirt and outerwear line that will be carried in Barney's this fall.


Love this place. You can see them sewing the jeans in the back as you shop. Very small storefront but 10-12 folks in the back handmaking the jeans right there. All jeans come 36" inseam, they hemmed mine on site in 20 mins at no additional charge.


I went with the slim bootcut, only slim below the knee from the fit. They also have standard straight leg in raw. retail is about $275.

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Don't understand why Raleigh doesn't get more love on here. Their stuff is pretty much the shit. The Nash is a fantastic straight leg raw jean. They're also doing some interesting innovation with textiles - i.e. new washes, Jones raw canvas trousers, etc.

Victor, Sarah and John are some of the nicest people in the industry as well. It's refreshing to work with people who are down to earth and really just care about the product.
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I'm interested in a pair but it seems risky to order a pair online not knowing how they will fit and knowing I will have to get them hemmed, do they have a slim straight dark rinse wash?
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Yes, they have both of the Nash rinsed and the Wilkes rinsed, the Wilkes being a bit slimmer...
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Thank you, I will look out for it!
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FINALLY visited the new shop. John was there to hem my raw indigo canvas jeans. Awesome guy-- I picked up the AB Fits x Jason Jagel bandana while I was there. The space itself was wonderful-- a lot of nice pieces for guys and gals. The workshop was impressive-- lots of room filled with wonderful machines. Can't say enough good things about the whole operation. I still love the local ethic they embrace and appreciate their enthusiasm. It's nice to see Cone and a local jeansmaker work together in the same state. I hope they continue to enjoy success-- though I think they'll always be a tougher sell here and on sufu based mainly on pocket design. Not that there's a lot of hate; I find that they get respect for their fabrics and relationship with Cone, but most members prefer the traditional back pocket. It's simply a difference in taste. That, and for the price, they'd rather spend their money on something imported.
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Anybody got a leg opening measurement on the original thin fits in a 32? I tried some on the other day at the shop. Fit really well in the thigh and seat, but couldn't really tell what the leg opening was like because of the long inseam stacking up on my short frame. Didn't really think to inspect it much more while I was there.
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I bought my Raleighs at my local Barneys in late August (I wish I could remember the exact date, but I have been wearing them HARD since then).  It was my first pair of raw denim, and since most of this thread is about production/pricing/back pockets/not anything useful, I figured I would share my experience with this brand.


The thing that really pleasantly surprised me is how fast the jeans have begun to fade, I have read several places (as well as seen pics) about people wearing Raleighs for upwards of 6 months and having little or no fading to show for it.  After two months my fades are just beginning to set in.  The coin pocket (Bic lighter) and back pockets (wallet, pocket knife, chapstick) are obviously coming in quickest, but the whiskers, stacks and combs are just starting to show some really nice, subtle, deep indigo fades that I just know will look amazing in a couple more months.  The way the jeans crease is unlike anything I've ever seen, especially around the knee area, the way the denim sits is just spectacular, I can't wait to see these jeans in a year, after a few soaks.


There are a couple things that I really don't like about them though, although they are pretty small things, overall I'm very happy with this pair.  The first thing is the sizing.  When I went into Barneys I was planning on either getting some APCs or 3Sixteens, however the pair or Raleighs that the employee "though I might also like"  just blew me away.  But the size 30 he bought me I couldn't even button, so I opted to size up one...mistake.  These jeans stretch like CRAZY, I've never had a pair of APCs, but I would venture to say that I have had a similar level of stretch with my Raleighs.  I basically wanted skinny jeans (I was in there for some Petit Standards or ST-100s) which after stretching is FAR from what I got.  This is not to say the fit is bad, they fit me like a GLOVE, and I love them, but they stretched way beyond the level I was expecting/hoping for.


Also...the middle button of the fly will not ever stay buttoned, I've stopped even trying, I just leave it open and let it all hang out icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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I bought a pair of these today at Barneys Co op... my first pair of raw denim as I'm a noob in the denim world. These didn't have a model on the tag, only labeled as "25th Anniversary" (edit: after looking at the Raleigh website these may be the limited edition "Silver Selvage" model)

I have some fit pics I'd like to share and want your opinions on what to do with the hem...

Just a note: these are tight as hell on my waist and I struggle to button them on my fat ass... after reading the above post I hope I'm doing the right thing.

Should I have an original hem done (I'm not a fan of rockin' a cuff look)?

Or perhaps keep them as is and go with big stacks?

If I should get a hem done, does anyone know a good place in Boston to have an original hem done?

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^ hope you love your Raleigh's as much as I love mine... altho' I've got a skinnier cut. From your pix I would say the waist, ass, thighs all look like a great fit... if you're not interested in cuffing them, then IMO you should take at least an inch off the bottom hem. with this cut and the style you present in these pix, you got too much stacks. just my 2 cents..
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