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Yeah talked to my buddy who says their shop is going to have some pretty crazy exclusive shop. Sadly I'm on the wrong coast to really visit.
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Nice, thanks for the update. I'll definitely swing by sometime in the next few weeks.
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Sorry to revive a relatively dead thread, but I own two pairs of Raleigh jeans, and I love them.

On another note, I have no idea how the hell grooveholmes has that much wear on his jeans after only a month and a half (see pics on page 3). I've had my most recent pair for 3 months, and after wearing them almost every day, I barely have any signs of wear. My previous pair were also resistant to wear. Grooveholmes must be wearing those jeans to sleep or something.... Or I don't know how to properly wear a pair of jeans
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1. Have some free time to run, mess around. 2. Ride your bicycle. There is no proper way to wear jeans. You just wear them!
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Attn any recent Raleigh denim owners. Looking for some critics.

I will be taking a closer look at their denim in a couple weeks and want to get some opinions of their denim. I have been following Raleigh for a long time and like the concept, but there is a lot of good brands that use White Oak at a good price. Thoughts?
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Hi, Jay. I haven't bought any of their recent stuff, but I have handled them. Apologies in advance for not having more details re: denim. I have a pair of their first run using the black seed denim (pics in this thread). I would say that their newer stuff construction-wise is more "tight". Not saying my pair is sloppy or made poorly, but similar to my OG ROY jeans, the overall construction seems to be better with successive generations. As for the denim itself, it's been a half a year since last I visited them. But the last time I was there Victor showed me several rolls of denim they were preparing for the fall, all of which was pretty fantastic. There was some deadstock Cone he was setting aside for a contest that still has yet to happen, but they have such a close and supportive relationship with Cone, it's hard to imagine them using anything less than the best from the White Oak collection (of course, that's dependent on the designer's subjective opinion). The only thing that seems to be the deal-breaker with denim nerds is the back pocket design. Most of the ladies I know don't mind, but the dudes are the hardest to win over. If you don't mind me asking, what's the vibe been like in the NW for RD? I know Blake carries 'em, but other than that there aren't many (if any) others, right?
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I've got a pair I'm almost 2 months in on--bought them during the summer from their workshop but only got around to wearing them in November. I'd say the construction is a step beyond jeans cheaper than them, but i have not spent time with other 200+ jeans. I know they're the nicest jeans I've got.
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i know it's a moot point, but their price point is a bit ridiculous. they jumped into the market head first and established a brand so quickly affiliated with barney's that their price is $275?
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buying from their workshop, they offer seemingly randomly priced sales on pairs of jeans. mine did not cost 275.
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Ive been looking for their womens offerings with no luck, anyone seen?
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Originally Posted by grooveholmes View Post
Most of the ladies I know don't mind, but the dudes are the hardest to win over.

Ahh.. Yes, Those pockets do stand out.. I've heard that a few times in the shop..

Originally Posted by grooveholmes View Post
If you don't mind me asking, what's the vibe been like in the NW for RD? I know Blake carries 'em, but other than that there aren't many (if any) others, right ?

All I can say is; We were shipped the Graham, Nash and Lincoln, (two raw and a rinsed) a total of 30 some odd pairs 4 months ago. Currently, we have 3 pairs left.

Solid Brand.
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Nice. I feel ya for sure, Poly. I feel that way about PRPS, LVC, Apolis Activism, etc. Like ghdvfddzgzdzg (wtf is up with that name, dude?) has noted-- and we've all experienced-- you can usually find a palatable deal for a pair of jeans if you look and wait long enough. If people want to shell out money at full market price (happens every day at the mall and at gas pumps), more power to em, and in this case, good for the smaller businesses (excluding Barneys IMO, but they DID give RD a chance) selling them to consumers. I like quality items and I like the story that accompanies what goes into quality products. Is a well-constructed jute market bag worth $58? I don't think so, but someone does. Like a lot of things, if I can get my hands on it for less, I do have a magic number in mind.
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Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated. Poly nailed my concern. I am sure that they are solid and I am looking forward to checking them out.

Not 100% sure about RD in Seattle area, but we sell world wide and the general Seattle area is not our only focus.
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I am interested in them but I really want more images of fit over time and fading.
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just noticed Raleigh moved its workshop and opened "The Curatory," selling stuff by other brands. now they're closer to downtown and in a little better of an area to be in.
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