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those back pockets
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Originally Posted by grooveholmes View Post
Here are some pics of the "Elliot" jean from RD. A month and a half of steady wear, zero soaks and washes. The jeans are very comfortable and apparently made from Cone Mills black seed cotton-- really nice material. It's getting close to stanky, and I'm of the opinion that if it stinks, it's time to wash. I really like the details-- the back pockets (they've grown on me), the red chain stitch thread, the plain copper buttons, and the "x-ray" pockets signed by founders/designers/makers Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko.

Says right on them that they are White Oak, not Black Seed.
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Black seed is the type of cotton. White Oak is a collection/plant:
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Originally Posted by Abraxis View Post
Black seed is the type of cotton. White Oak is a collection/plant:

My understanding is that each option in the drop down menu is a different type of denim, hence the different little square labels. I think each denim is one or the other ie. white oak, black seed, s gene, organic, etc.

I don't really know, however.
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Yeah, black seed cotton is the fabric, woven at the White Oak plant in Greensboro, NC.
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i have 2 pairs, i've had them about a year and a half now, you can ask me stuff about them but be very specific, i don't know all that fashion terminology
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noeltazz, how much did your pairs stretch?
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I bought a pair at the barney's warehouse sale and have to say they are my favorite pair of jeans. I haven't been able to identify the fit, but they are slim without being overly tight and the denim and handwork is top notch.
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in terms of identifying the fit, I was in their HQ, trying some on (i haven't started wearing them daily yet) and they mentioned that their "straight fit" and "slim fit" (which person's name goes with which i cannot recall) differs only by one inch in the tapering from calf down. And indeed, when I tried on a few pairs, I could not really tell the difference between their cuts.
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So I've had a pair of Nash straight legs for 7-8 months now. First pair of raw denim (so when/if asking questions please assume I can't answer comparison questions, etc). They haven't faded much if at all, beyond maybe my front pocket cell phone area, and I wear them at least 3-4 times a week, typically walking upwards of a mile each day of wear. They have honeycombed pretty well behind the knees but again only in texture, not in fading. They didn't really seem to stretch very much at all, they were pretty snug when I bought them and they certainly still are. However, I still dig the cut and the look, definitely pretty custom feeling, which is good because I probably have a more filled out rear end than your average guy, while still rocking a 31" waist. Anyway, I'm a fan.
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How many washes have you done?
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Originally Posted by Abraxis View Post
How many washes have you done?

Haven't done one yet actually. Despite owning a pair for this long, the raw denim thing is still new to me, so I'm putting it off as long as possible lol.
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Yeah I'm no expert myself but I believe the idea is wearing them over time loosens the indigo over time in stressed areas which makes it more water soluble so a wash will displace it out bringing out the contrasted fades. So maybe some of that is at play.
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Riding a bicycle will definitely get more fades in the stress points because of the friction. Wear and dirt is my theory. I don't know what happens on a micro-level, but the jeans I've worn around dirt and washed/soaked seem to fade more than those where I am just as active, but don't get dirty.
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To those of you who are in the area, looks like we got some CH folks around here, they just opened their shop attached to the factory. Had an opening party yesterday, didn't go but they are pretty awesome people. Haven't tried the denim, but look forward to it.
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