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This thread makes me want to watch Fight Club again.
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Here are a few tips I follow to help with insomnia:

No caffeine (including chocolate) after noon.
No exercise shortly before bed.
Wake up the same time each day, including weekends.
Don't watch exciting movies/ sports before bed.
If you're lying in bed and can't sleep, get up and do something eg. read, instead of just lying there and cogitating.
Try "reverse psychology" and think to yourself that you want to stay awake.
Use sleeping pills as a last resort.
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Sometimes I can't fall asleep because it seems as if I have a lot hanging over my head in terms of things I need to get done, and I toss and turn worrying about all of it. If this is the case, what helps me is getting up and sitting down for 5 minutes and making a list of every little thing I need to do. Usually I feel better knowing exactly what I need to get done in the next few days and can fall asleep better.
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Insomnia is no laughing matter. Some years ago it was making my life hell. There is a book called DESPERATELY SEEKING SNOOZING (seriously). It didn't solve my problem but it was a start. In time I learned I couldn't be one way all day and then come home at night and expect to just fall asleep. I learned a totally different way of being that made sleep a natural byproduct of my day. Medication isn't an answer. Nor is food or exercise. You have to change on the level of the mind. Take care.
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I used to be a horrible insomiac; finally getting to sleep at 4am and needing to be up for 7:30. I went to my doctor and he prescribed amytryptaline. It is a drug that is usually used for depression, but it has the nice quality of making one drowsy. I took it at precisely 7:15 to be ready for sleep at 11:30 and would be unable to keep my eyes open at 12:30. I stopped taking it about 8 months ago and now only have infrequent insomia.

Whenever I lay in bed, my brain starts churning. I have taken to listening to my iPod as I go to sleep. I listen to a podcast, which focuses my mind so that it can't think. As the program ends, I'm tired and am asleep within a few minutes. As an added benefit, this prevents wasted time of simply laying around, because I always listen to something like the BBC.
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exercise during the day and melatonin
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I second the recommendations for exercise. In college I had terrible stress due to a heavy course load and a busy work schedule but once I cleaned up my diet and began working out I was sleeping like a baby. Also, make sure your bedroom is as clean and uncluttered as possible.
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