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Stylish halloween costume?

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I'm thinking of doing Lestat de Lioncourt, any other ideas?
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I think the difficulty for a lot of stylish halloween costumes is how to differentiate them from just elegant clothing. For instance, was I to be academic dress Indiana Jones, I'd just look like a professor, which isn't as exciting.
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Sometimes, when I have been going about in my customary dressy casual (sport coat and tie) attire on Halloween, people have assumed I am in some sort of costume. Go figure!
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Halloween seems like a bad holiday for sartorialists.
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I'm going as Will Smith from Men In Black. I have a slim fit black suit (Benetton), slim black tie, tie bar, white shirt, and lace ups. I know they wear RayBans, so I'm going to be bumming my friends Wayfarer's for the night. It's not too stylish or exciting, but hey...I'll probably be the only guy in a suit at the party. So if I'm going to wear a suit, it better fit right! I bought one of those neuralizers toys off eBay. Hopefully I won't be too drunk to take a good pic lol.
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I have escorted Bat Girl as Commissioner Gordon.
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If you have good Venetian masks, it is hard to beat wearing black tie and a mask.

The silk cords on these are knotted on the inside, so a trick is to pull them out a little bit before you put them on so that the knot doesn't dig into your temples.

- B
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I'm going as an English schoolboy as seen here:

I just had my tailor make me some shorts from a pair of wool trousers I bought at a thrift store. I'm also going to wear my navy blazer and knee high socks. Only thing I'm waiting on is a patch that I'm going to safety pin onto my blazer.

I'm not doing the hat though...

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Originally Posted by bluemagic View Post
Halloween seems like a bad holiday for sartorialists.

+1...have a big party and am just struggggling with ideas.
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I'm going as Louis XVI. My wife made a cool long coat and vest with some heavy drapery type fabric, high collar, big cuffs etc. We slashed some old khakis to gather at the knees and I'll wear OTC sox in cream and monkstrap shoes.
She made her costume as well -she's talented. We're going to two parties as the royal couple -the second of which we appear with cardboard guillotine blades around our necks.
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Put on a suit, a pair of gloves and a ski mask. Sling a duffel bag over your shoulder. Carry a toy gun. Instant bank robber costume.
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One of my favorites ... of course, you'll need a black hat, cape, frock coat, and a lace veil. Oh ... and blacking out around the eyes is essential.

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Oh, I'm sure folks could have fun with...

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