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Anyone else not watch TV or play video games?

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I know they are just for entertainment, but damn I can't think of a less productive activity. I think it's a rather sad state of affairs when people ask me "what I do" when I say I don't watch TV. I just pop into one of these TV show discussion threads and think umm WTF I'd rather read a book or something. I don't see the problem with 1/2 - 1 hours a night, but I read somewhere American average is 5 hours daily. I still watch TV once in a while (to watch It's Sunny in Philadelphia haha) and play a game every now and then though. Not sure why I have to pay cable bill. Any thoughts?
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I don't play video games...but watch tv.
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You're on the right track. I only watch an occasional program here and there (True Blood and a few others) but I do it on my computer so I never have the compulsion to stay stuck to the couch. Now if I could just stop spending so much time hanging around this dump I'd be set.
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I watch TV, but I don't play video games.
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Might watch a show (How I met your mother, Criminal Minds, etc.) once or twice a week, otherwise: no TV, no video games. I find both incredibly boring after about five minutes. One exception, however, about once every year I will go through a two or three week phase where I will play Civilization non-stop on the computer.
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I don't do either, but I spend my time posting on a fashion forum. Wonder which is the most pathetic.....
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I don't.

Although I do watch sporting events on television occasionally (football on Sundays). And I play iPhone games on the subway. Other than that, no. I don't have cable.
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I rarely play video games, but the TV is always on when I'm home. After work, I'll have the Dodger game on or some other game on. Perhaps a sitcom or something as well, but from about 6PM to I fall asleep the tv is on, assuming I am home. This doesn't mean I am sitting in front of the tv watching it, as I'll just leave it on for background noise as I am doing other things, or put it on mute as I am reading a book so I can look up periodically and catch the score. Often times I will turn on some tv show or movie (the tv I usually have on is right next to my computer) and I'll look up at the tv and whatever show or movie I turned on is already over. But basically, if I am home, the tv is always on.
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Very very rarely play video games, and mostly just to connect with old buddies from when I did play a lot. TV is on pretty sparsely and mostly for news/background noise/baseball. I do watch whole seasons of random shows that catch my interest on dvd while I'm studying though. For some reason it helps me concentrate and removes the distraction of the interenet for a while (watch them on my monitor) Most TV is shit anyway.
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The last time I really played anything other than Flash games was when I bought my iMac in '01 and solved some of the games that came bundled on the system.

I lost a few hours a week ago on this:


I got kinda bored with it after I managed to crack 1000.

As far a TV goes these days, I usually only watch Cash Cab, Clean House, and maybe SNL. '24' when it's in season.

I probably spend about 8+ hours a day on teh internetz though.
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Originally Posted by Big Punisher View Post
I can't think of a less productive activity.

is spending a shitload of time on SF more productive than watching tv?
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I cut the cable last year, not that I watched all that much anyway.

OMG - found hulu. brb. watching three sheets.
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haha yea I'm going to cut down SF time also, won't be hard now. I occasionally watch pro sprots on TV, but being a Minnesotian most my teams will frustrate me somehow and I won't want to watch anway.
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Haven't played video games since the mid 90s or so. As for TV, I'll watch sporting events or a movie but very few actual shows.
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I work in TV and can't stand to watch it when I get home. I will watch a long series like Lost, but only on DVD - can't stand commercials.

Videogames never appealed to me either.
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