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My Crate James III at about 3 months no wash
size 29 (kinda wish i sized down to a 28)
145$ at Barney's Co-op (you can get them cheaper online)
hand made in LA
fit very slim but not skin tight
very slight bootcut, almost straight
light weight, 10 oz from my guesstimation?
modern and minimalist design, no rivets, no back pocket insignia, 3 button fly with blank brass buttons, bare minimum simple stitching but amazingly holds up through some pretty tough wear
they a bit small in terms of sizing probably because the people at crate probably had stretching in mind.
so in terms of what size you should get, I would recommend true to size, I usually fit into 28’s for most brand without squeezing, but as these were my first pair of raw denim I didn’t see the stretching coming, and because crate runs small, I found the 28 tight and ugly and the 29 fit perfect (but if you want your slim jeans to fit slim, you gotta buy them tight and ugly so they stretch to perfect, theyre just a bit loose now. Usually somewhat fixed by throwing them in the dryer.) regret not squeezing in for a 28.

i like these jeans because:
minimalist design
light weight but still fade well
great fit on slim guys
obscure but intuitive brand
sold in multiple different dyes, but all dry denim
very affordable price

the crappy pictures:

I recommend these jeans
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Hmm.. these look pretty nice. I may look into these instead of New Standards for my 2nd pair of dry denim.
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Thats a pretty good amount of wear for only 3 months
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Originally Posted by dhamm
Hmm.. these look pretty nice. I may look into these instead of New Standards for my 2nd pair of dry denim.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Crate jeans (iirc, I was the first person to mention them here, check the archives), but if was picking out just a second pair of dry denim, I would definitely go with the APC New Standards, if just because the APC denim is much sturdier. The denim that Crate uses is sturdy for 10 ounces (sturdier than the lighter Nudies, for example), but 10 ounces is pretty light. Also, Crate jeans have minimal, and I mean minimal hardware, which is my one beef with them. The fit of the James jeans are really terrific though. My third pair would be the Crate IV's (if you are a slender guy. For a bigger, more muscular, guy, I would recommend the APC Rescues, the Nudie Regular Ralphs, and Rag & Bone RB1's for maximum diversity and bang for the buck.)
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im 15 and sometimes i find myself rolling around on the ground or racing in shopping carts, i guess kids get more wear
but im a careful kid. no stains, no stink
ive worn them everyday and for the first two months, there was pretty much nothing going on
but they really got going on the third month. didnt do anything different in them, they just started to fade, honey combs and all.
i do startch my honeycombs, but due to laziness, ive probably only starched them 5 times over the 90 days ive had them and it never really helped until around 60 days and after... but yea, then they really faded fast esp. w/ the starch helping out.
but other than that, no sandpappering or even wipping wet hands on laps (dont want them to smell bad)
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yea, miniminiminimalist stitching and hardwear, although they have upheld themselves for the time being, im pretty sure they will tear sooner or later. im rough with my jeans, im also somewhat careful with them, kind of hard to explain but yea, ill roll on the ground but not slide on my ass..... thats my retarded example
but then again, i guess when they tear, they tear and i get new jeans without a guilty conscience.
i just want to wear them out for a year or so, i know ill get sick of them by then (im already craving new jeans) whether or not they are torn up so I don’t mind the light construction.
but if you have the dedication to wear a pair of jeans for like 3 years, yea, maybe stick with apc
never owned or even touched APC's but that is my advice on how to deal with crate's light construction
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Well, at 10 oz, they are probably perfect for a summer project
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hahaha this is going to seem real picky of my but i think i'm going to pass on the crates too. i like my denim a lot thicker bc the thin denim makes softer, curvy honeycombs.

however . . . i think i would totally buy those for a pair that i want to keep dark and wear when i'm going out with a blazer.

N4UY -- those look amazing on you, keep wearing em in and post more pics later!
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Hmm they look so much lighter in the pics with you wearing them than those laid flat. Why's that?
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Jodum- mmm probably because of my crappy lighting choices
the laid out ones are too dark, and the ones with them on are too light. i would say the most accurate interpetation of its color would have to be this picture:
just this dark blue color i guess.. maybe just SLLightly lighter
sbbjm- thaaaaaaanks
pg2g- yea, it gets kinda hot in southern california, thankgod its not a humid kind of hot, but yea, i can bear wearing my crates when the sun is baking my legs at 90 degrees. i dont know about the tropics though... heat with sweat and sticky slim jeans...
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Are the Crate IV Jeans more or less tight than the Earnest Sewn Hutch? I already have the Earnest Sewn Hutch, so I use that compare other brands against. I find the Hutch to be very tight. I hope the Crates are looser.
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man i keep coming back and checking these and the ones on activeendeavors. i like the back pockets and the seat construction in general. they kind of remind me of the nom de guerre back pockets bc they are a little longer than apc's. i like the belt loops alot too. if they come out with a thicker pair in fall, i'm all over that!

at least they're not stretch. i keep reading on mynudies that people that have the thin finn are getting crappy fading, if any.
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i don't like how the belt loops aren't folded then stitched. are all crate jeans like this?
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Originally Posted by chadler
i don't like how the belt loops aren't folded then stitched. are all crate jeans like this?

Yeah my Sallys are like this.
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Heres a better pic of my Sallys along with Costume National boots.
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