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do you like these shoes? rank them.

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They're all around 4-500 with the exception of #2 which is $675. These are all on franco's site btw. What's the quality of the Borgioli/Martgani/Gravati leather like, in general? I'm still hoping to get down to NYC for sales in June but it's not certain at this point and I might tide myself over with a couple of these.

1.Gravati:Antiqued calf, 500 last

2.Borgioli shell cordovan:GY welted

3.Borgioli calf:blake/rapid

4.borgioli calf: gy welted

5.R.Martegani: special order

6.R.Martegani: special order
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Having seen several of these in person, I'd say the photos do a good job representing the color and patina. I'd note, however, that No. 2 is impressively hefty -- almost like an Alden. Not surprising, as it's shell, but I thought it worth mentioning. The photo makes it seem slighter than it is, I think.

Thoughts on your selections:

1. Love the patina. One of the better wholecuts I've seen, stylistically, but I'm not crazy about wholecuts in general.
2. Be good with jeans. My conservative side is drawn to this one, but my girlfriend hates the thick stitching.
3. I still don't know what I think of this one. I'm not sold on the finish.
4. Nice, conservative.
5. Like this one less than No. 6.
6. Possibly my favorite of the lot. Check out that toecap!
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2. The stitching is the best part. Better than #4 IMHO.
3. Love the antiquing.
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Yeah, #2, that could work with alot of stuff.
Great with some heavier suits and cold weather. I agree on #6, great shape, but I don't own a pair of monks. If the straps curl up with time, that would nix the deal for me.
I vote #2 if I was signin' the check.
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i like 3 and 6.
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If I'm not mistaken, No. 1 is made of Radica Calf. I have a very similar shoe by Martegani (plain-toe bal) in this leather and this exact color. It's fabulous. According to Ron Rider, the antiquing is done in the tanning phase.
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Love #'s 2, 4 & 6. Good looking shoes!
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I'm surprised so few people like #5...
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Originally Posted by GQgeek
I'm surprised so few people like #5...

I don't dislike it, just like it less. The line leading away from the buckles seems to divide the focus. The toecap on No. 6 only reinforces the presence of the strap.
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actually i like 5 the best.
ive always liked that one out of all the shoes on the francos site but dont know the price as it says only special order.
do you know how much it is?
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My ranking in order of preference: 1,4,3,6,2,5
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1. 7 out of 10
2. 8 out of 10
3. 5 out of 10
4. 6.5 out of 10
5. 2 out of 10
6. 2 out of 10
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My ranking:
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