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Originally Posted by th3buhbuh View Post

Picked up the Blue Gene colorway Stark from East Dane's sale last week (sale + free returns). I'm quite surprised that a Large was pretty much perfect. I opt for Medium in most US marketed things and Large in some Irish sweaters and after all I've ever read on this thread, I was expecting to have to go XL at the least. Turns out L is solid, if slightly fitted (in a good way). Length is solid - sleeves are perfect for my monkey arms and torso length...maybe a bit long, but not problematically so. Regardless, I'm quite happy and wish I had bit the bullet sooner.

what's your height/weight/body type?
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Originally Posted by twistedspoon View Post

what's your height/weight/body type?

5'10", 185lbs. Longer arms (I generally wear 40L suit jackets). 37" by my stomach but 35.5" where I actually wear pants... The bottom ribbing of the stark hits further down where I'm less wide and the looser area hits around my stomach and even though it is fitted-ish, it doens't drape funny even though I'm not a tall, thin Scandiwegian.

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any of their sweaters lined?
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I just bought a small Stark crew neck from the End black friday sale. It actually fits bigger than a medium sweater from JCrew. Not sure whether I want to keep it or go down to XS.

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Hey all,

Looking for old fit Medium starks if anyone is selling one!
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Has anybody seen the grey gradient crew in XXL? I can find XXL in black so I'm assuming they produced XXL I'm grey too but I can't find it in stock anywhere.
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^ Xxl?!! You petite fuck, i need atleast an xxxl stark just to wear a long sleeve shirt underneath
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Seriously? Then shit, I'm just assuming XXL since the XL fit so small, but End says the XXL fishermans are like 21" p2p so yeah.... I guess 5XL is the right call.
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The xl new fit stark fit tight everywhere and was short. Then i tried the xxl new fit stark fit, similar to old fit xl but still was a little tight across chest and especially in the sleeves. If the long sleeve shirt sleeve shirt i was wearing wasnt buttoned down the sleeve would roll up my arm when putting on the xxl stark.
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yo fuck sns seriously they don fucked up
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Wait, what is this new fit thing? I have some of the old models (Stark and a great one with square neck opening that doesn't seem to be produced anymore) and really like the fit.
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Do the other sweaters run small too? EG the torso crew, fisherman crew, etc.
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On the smaller side, yes. I would certainly check measurements on all SNS pieces
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I was going to purchase a intro jacket and just wanted to check sizing here first.


I usually wear an XS slim shirt in jcrew and an XS slim shirt in bonobos. I'm 5'8"-5'9" and I am about 130 pounds and have slim upper body and slightly short arms. 


I heard the intro jacket was very tight so I was wondering if I should purchase a small instead of an extra small. 



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If anyone sees the Version or the Intro on sale anywhere, in any color besides black, lemme know*. Looking to grab another in size L.

*assuming you don't cop for yourself.
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