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I have 2 Starks of the recent season in size M and L. M fits me snug especially on the shoulder(mine is 18.5" and It has 16") and arms too, but right for the arm length. On the other hand, L fits right except the arm length is long, almost reaching my knuckle. I am about 5'10" and 175lb. I have a problem with choosing which size to wear and which to go. Anyone could help?

arm length can be stacked and it looks good :D

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So I recently ordered a Navy mix stark from END last week. It showed up today. Sizing was a crap shoot, from the polarity of what i've read here, and other online reviews, and then END's horrible measurements. For reference, i'm 6'4, 205lb, with long arms, and I have a 40" chest. I ordered it in size XL, as it was the largest size they carried. I'll give some quick first impressions.








The GOOD:  The fit is perfect, in just about every single way. Length, shape, arms, everything. MTM feel to it. I was expecting it to be a gamble, but its flawless (any slouchiness in the photos is from me just trying to move around and get decent angle for the photo. Pardon the shitty iPhone quality). Also, the navy mix color is amazing. It looks really good in photos, but in person, its something to behold. Great depth. Its very interesting to look at, without being loud or distracting. The feel of the wool is really nice as well. Its very smooth, and not the slightest bit itchy. And the texture/weave pattern is great. The metal buttons feel solid, and are attached in a very sturdy manner.


The BAD: Stupid fucking government of Canada. I paid $200 CDN shipped for this stark, which I thought was good. I was expecting to pay extra at the door, but not the $80 I got raped with. 40% of what I paid. Madness. So now its a $280 sweater, which makes the deal a lot worse. Also, the first thing I noticed, before I even opened up the box, is the weight of this sweater. Its....underwhelming, to say the least. I was expecting a thick, beefy, bone crushing weight to it, but in reality, its actually pretty lightweight. I would say it literally weighs about 50% of what my inveralla 3A weighs, if not less. So, fairly disappointed in that.


Overall, i'm pretty happy with it. Would have totally loved it for just $200, but at $280, im not 100% won over. I will look to order another stark, and maybe some more SNS in the future (really looking at a couple fisherman crews and roll necks), but ill just try and make sure its all from Canadian sources. (likely roden gray when they have a sale). Hopefully this little write up will help people looking for a bit of a review, and looking for some anecdotal experiences and sizing advice.

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^I was going to suggest inverallan but saw you own one already. As much as I love invernallan, I have two, I find it just to bulky to layer under a jacket. at leaset with the SNS you can. I think both has their place in the closet.
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Seh Kelly, Inis Meain or 4horsemen house knit could be options as well.
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Thanks for the alternatives gentlemen. My post was a touch misleading, just because it made it seem like I was more disappointed than I really was. Perhaps because I wrote it minutes after paying that duty charge haha. The stark is awesome, and I love it. Thinking now, I will almost certainly pick up another one. I was only disappointed because I expected it to be heavier, not because its not what I want (there is nothing inherently wrong), if that makes sense. If anyone is on the fence, Id say go for it. As @irbe stated, it would make a much much better layering piece than an inverallan.

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I have jumpers from both SNS and Inverallan and they fill different needs. The SNS are much lighter but they are very warm for their weight - as pointed out easier to layer, pack for a trip, etc.

I sometimes find the Inverallans too warm, if I layer one under some outerwear and then do any kind of activity I can overheat even when it is extremely cold.
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@ChetB Do you have pictures of yourself wearing a fisherman sweater in size L?

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I don't own the fisherman, sorry.
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Couple of nice sns summer knits (which look like winter knits) I'd like to cop. Surprised this thread is dead.
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its fucking hawt with just a single layer on, let alone a wool/cotton cardigan

what are you looking at? a lot of stockists with 50% off with most sizes still available
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since when does the weather have to do with clothes?

couple of sweaters on RG, need to figure out sizing
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when you have unworn sweaters/cardigans with tags still attached
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There's some SNS Herning on Yoox. With the 20% off (or 30% if you get the special code) it is pretty cheap. I may mess up the names but

Looks like the Ion sweater in navy blue mix and is the red color oxblood? Didn't know they made it in this color

Looks like the fisherman crewneck in green army mix and blue mix

What is this shawl collar sweater called? Available in red and blue colors
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those are nice too

namor waiting for RL code you got one
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anyone try the segment jacket? sizing is extremely odd but i want it
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