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Originally Posted by ChetB View Post

Took a gamble on this Ideal hoodie from Gravity Pope tonight.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





40% off + another 30% once you put it in your cart...about 110 usd before shipping. Only size L left.


Just hope I don't end up looking like this dude from Frans Boone:


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Originally Posted by oboy_oboy View Post

I think that will look solid. I have that Naval hoodie in ocean blue mix (no stripes) and it's awesome. I got a Large, which I'd guess is right for you (we are about the same height/weight).

That Frans Boone guy needs to stand up straight. And do maybe run a little.


Thanks for pointing this out. I picked one up! SNS sizing gives me night sweats so I used measurements from Mr Porter to make sure L would work.

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Anyone know if the Alter crewneck sweaters come in other colors? I've only found these 4 color: ocean blue mix, triple grey mix, triple blue mix, and natural/raw.


I really like the fit on the Alters -- they run a bit snug, but are long enough in the arms that I don't need to size up. Maybe I'll have to wait until the next season drops for new colors.

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The Moment elbow patches are so good. It's like having light cushions stitched to your elbows. More functional than I would have thought. :)

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anybody wanna trade a moment or memento for a triple grey stark (size small)???  i've found that i prefer my green melange colorway much more than the grey in the 2 starks is kinda redundant.  maybe 10 wears max on it.

willing to throw in some cash too as i know some sweaters cost more than the stark.  i'm interested in either a small or medium.

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^ Might help to tell us the size smile.gif
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Originally Posted by ChetB View Post

^ Might help to tell us the size smile.gif

hah woops.  size Small.  

i'll edit the original to include.

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Originally Posted by jmaudi0 View Post

hah woops.  size Small.  

i'll edit the original to include.


Small in new sizing? I'd be interested in buying it but don't have what you're after for a swap.

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finally ended up picking up the oxblood ion in L from RG

thanks, namor/dis for sizing input. L, though a bit short, is clearly the right size--room through chest and shoulders are even slightly long. XL would have prob been too big
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Nice cop @superego  how much did that run you? Probably one of if not the most standout pieces of last season.

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think it worked out to like 250 USD after discount and code + shipping
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Ah, I didn't realize it was on sale. Wish I had seen it...looks like only XLs left. Nice pickup.

I really want an SNS sweater in oxblood but it looks like I'll be waiting until next FW.
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memento cardigan gets the award for softest sns knit sweater I own. ion, stark, moment, start, portal, plank, naval, reference..
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Speaking of "SNS Herning fit," I just imported one of the few remaining new Starks in the navy blue mix in medium. It's really quite lovely, but it's a bit snugger than I think I really want.


I hate having to part with it, but I haven't taken the tags off, nor worn it yet, probably because I know we're going to part ways soon.  I am going to do a short 3-day auction on Ebay, if anyone wants it, as a "buy it now" so check it out if you're interested, while it's still around



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After much reading, I think my size for the stark cardigan comes down to a medium? (5' 6'', chest 34 inches) or do you guys feel a small would lean more on the "snug fit" side?

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