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Thank you for your reply. I have been looking for a casual really warm sweater, and came across the Fang. I wanted something softer to cover the neck, like merino, but I like the look of this sweater. I haven't really found some chunky merino zips I like at a reaonable price. It will be good for the winters here in Denmark, and if it gets really cold I can layer it under my big parka. I think the zipper makes it very easy and versatile to wear, like you mention.
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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

Fang is awesome. It's one of my go to pieces because it's so easy to wear and is really warm, yet easy to unzip when you get hot. It is slightly scratchy but not on the neck. It isn't too much of a problem and it's not as bad as a stark. It fits TTS, although the sleeves are pretty long for someone with shortish arms like me. They cuff easily, although I don't love that look, but I doubt anyone ever notices. Usually I just let the sleeves hang long. The cut is slim and has almost an athletic look when it's zipped up, like a warm up suit.

The only problem I have with it is the fact that it's not easy to layer because of the zipper. A buttoned cardigan like the stark just looks better under a coat. I don't like layering a coat over a zippered sweater. It just looks wrong to me (ESPECIALLY if the coat has a zipper too.) I feel like the zip up should always be the final layer. With a lot of zipped jackets it's not an issue because you just throw them on when it's a little too cold to go out without one. But the fang is really too heavy to wear unless it's pretty cold, but it's not warm enough to wear when it's REALLY cold because you can't layer anything over or under it (the arms are pretty slim so I usually just wear it over a tee.) So it kind of has to be the perfect temperature to wear it. Whenever I grab it, I always find myself going through the thought process of "am I going to be comfortable where I am wearing this." If I get hot and want to take it off, then I'll only have a tee on. So basically I wear it in cold, but not freezing weather when I am going to be outside a good amount of the time. So it's kind of limiting in that respect. And yet, I end up wearing it all the time because I live in a city (Lisbon) where it is that kind of climate (cold but not freezing) a good part of the year, and lots of things worth doing are outdoors.

This is sort of the issue I have with really chunky warm sweaters - it's too warm to keep on while I'm inside, but also not warm enough to wear when I'm outside.
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hot damn, the shawl collar on the reference cardigan lights my neck on fire

I have that issue with the high collar on the stark and amalgam - I generally wear a collared shirt with either - but the shawl on the reference doesn't bug me in the same way.
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^ you might want to pick up the moment cardigan from mrporter in navy mix. It's kind of perfect. The collar is a mid length so it comes up just under the chin unlike the stark which is closer to the ear. exclusive to the moment is the bubble knit and for a cardigan reinforced vertical elbow patch. I think I prefer moment over stark now...
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^yeah, bummed I missed that one when sale went live. Was gone instantly sounds like.
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UK site had a ton of sns still in stock at the time of the 50% sale including moment cardigan in most sizes. I'm sure a couple will still show up. Fit is similar to new start fit so ended up sizing up to a xxl. Wearing just a short sleeve shirt, The xl new fit stark is damn tight especially in the shoulders but even in arms and wrists. Xxl is a little loose but i prefer drape over tight
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btw if anyone is looking for a reference cardigan jacket (dark army green) in l or xl, let me know and ill pass it along at cost for $250
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New army green does look a little like poo compared to army green last year now that I have both to compare. A bit disappointed as I was considered another knit in color
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army green is in no man's land. dark army green, however looks good
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End has added a bunch of new stock. The texture on the Valid sweaters looks kind of interesting, but I didn't see much that really grabbed me.
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anybody with a small or medium Moment Cardigan interested in trading for a small triple grey Stark?  or for that matter does anybody know of a US site with Moments available? 


i'm super interested in the shorter neck height of the Moment.

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Anyone have any experience with sns t-shirts? How do they feel? Really like the ribbing pattern
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What stocklists get hit with the new seasons first? besides end


I want to see what color starks are coming out this season. 

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It's spring summer next b
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Anyone like the Stark Roll neck?


Is it as thick as the cardigan version? 


What do people wear theirs with?

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