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Looks good although a bit short? Hard to tell from the photo.
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pants are drop crotch, length hits pretty good actually.
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Just received a L stark in tripple gray. Fit doesn't work for me- anyone interested in it before I send it back?
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your torso is shaped like a rectangle

looks tight as fuck
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Don't listen to jet.

You're a pretty man, teger.
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my thought was 'sausage casing'...and looks short to boot

I'd size up
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

your torso is shaped like a rectangle

looks tight as fuck

you realize it's not skin tight on the torso, right?
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I want that triple grey in M dammit... do these fuckers stretch a lot? I'm not reading the whole damn thread. I'm like a 41 1/2 chest and 5' 9''- medium, right? Medium. Medium? Medium. Small?
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fw13 sns stark, now with drape

i'd size up, really a shame they (what's the phrase i'm looking for) fucked it up after i got one
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Why do they keep (fucking?) with the fit and proportions? Did they realise they were moving from an old-man brand to an only-found-in-sort-of-gay men's clothing boutiques?
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Teger - looks much too small. I suspect the angle accentuates the shortness but that doesn't explain the tightness. Not sure how to square your fit with mine but I would size up.
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Teger - I agree with most and would suggest sizing up. I have the OG fit stark from like 3 seasons ago in my standard size small and it does not fit me that snug. Plus it looks like some more length might help your fit out. You're typically a medium in tops right and that's a large? Yikes, what the fuck is SNS doing to their Stark fits...for really.
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i'd probably just sell it, got it at a good price. the p2p is 19" on a L.
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Would fit me perfectly, alas, the fit of the stark is not forgiving. it's like raw denim all over again, this SNS hype.

"It will stretch!"
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Lol, i predict many starks soon to go on sale in the marketplace. I bought a large at 207 pounds, it's def not gonna fit me. The fucked up thing is that when you look at the sizes, XL is only like half an inch larger.
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