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That's not a rumor

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Originally Posted by InHocSignio View Post

6' 2'', 190 pounds, fairly "athletic" build.  (By "athletic" I mean I go to the gym 2-3x a week, not Somalia starving like some people here use the word.)  Wear a L in most slim fit shirts, M in regular fit ones. Thinking about copping a Large olde green Stark by mid-January's time for around ~$250 - $300 shipped.  Possible? Any comments on the fit I chose or places that might be selling the Stark at such a price? 

I'm 6, 160 and athletic, although more triathlete than bulking bro; typically, I'm a medium in TTS brands. The new stark in a large fit me correctly (I tried a medium and it was too small)- at 2 inches taller than me, the length should be fine on a large. But, the extra 30lbs you've got makes me wonder whether you'd be an XL? There's a fit pic of the large on me several pages back.
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I posted pics of my M old style stark somewhere in the annals of this thread. I am 6'1" 180 and it fits great. If you are okay with a fairly slim fit, I think you swing it. If you want to play it safe then an L.
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I found a site that sells the SNS Herning (the newer version) for around $210 shipped. But they only have size small. Now I am usually between sizes small and medium in most of the clothes I wear. I do prefer a fitted look and was hoping the knit will stretch. Do you think this will work out?
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It depends on your height. The stark has a big margin for error in the width (it stretches and drapes) but has a sweet spot in length. I would never advise sizing down on the new model, but that's because I think the stark looks best long and comfy, rather than short and slim. It depends on how you want it to look.
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My measurement are 5ft 8 and chest size around 36-38, 165lbs

EDIT: Nevermind, I ended up ordering size small. Hope it fits
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Click, I think you'll be fine with the small. I'm 5'8" with a 41" chest & a medium works for me.
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I give it another 8 months before J.Crew starts stocking SNS.
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New fits are shit for taller guys. Don't know why they went a fucked with the sizing.
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It was discussed a few pages back. 

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anywhere stocking concrete stark or black melange in XL?

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Wouldn't you be different sizes in those two colors since the concrete is the new cut and the black mélange the old? I have had black melange in m and l and preferred the medium, although the difference in fit wasn't drastic
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isn't the only real difference the length?

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My impression was that the new colors are smaller all around, but I don't have first hand experience
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Loving my fisherman full zip (thanks taco_flavored_kisses !), perfect for 45F LA mornings. Really want another SNS in army green melange/mix but don't look good in turtlenecks so Stark is out. Can you guys recommend any other SNS cardigans that come in the army green melange but don't have the high neck? Or, can be worn with the high neck down (like the fisherman)? Thanks !
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