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"New" medium will be fine. It won't be too tight.
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Here's a basic SNS v-neck sweater I swiped on Ebay last winter. Not sure of the name, but maybe someone can give me a nod in the right direction.

Bought TTS (L)

Very heavily textured. Love it.
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Just ordered this for less than $200 shipped to Canada. Super stoked.

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^what site?
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From where ?
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lol purple fisherman strikes again, should have never said anything
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I never liked the purple knits.
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Purple knits are perfect - go with most tones - esp grey and blue.
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Still love that Fisherman...purple is the perfect colout for this time of year.
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Where is the cheapest place to buy a sweater right now?

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h&m probably
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Not sure if trolling or misunderstood my question. 

I meant a SNS sweater, since this is a SNS Herning thread. 

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I was thinking Uniqlo.
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