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Damn! I like the double breast design.

Damn! Why is dude's collar like that!

Damn! S.N.S. dresses? inlove.gif
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End sold out of the purple stark before I could buy...really pissed. If anyone bought a size small and doesn't want or is willing to sell, I will match your price, and then some if it comes to it. Really wanted it in that color.

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steven where to cop the db cardi too lazy to search

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edit sent it via PM
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Double breasted cardi is fugly - Too much going on for a knit. DB has always been difficult to pull off, sweater is no exception
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ya caltex don't cop it's ugly bro
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I thought you liked the DB cardigan? confused.gif

I thought about and I like the paragon jacket more. Will probably buy in a week.

Give me details on the cardigan you posted!!! smile.gif
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Just got my purple stark. length is a joke, it's too short for even my 5'7" frame, will post a few fits later tonight
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RE: SNS Herning- fits?

What size did you order?
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My observations compared to the 3 starks I've had before (navy, maroon, black):
-Purple melange is super dope, color is so rich!
-Stark feels lighter, either less wool was used or weave is less dense? Might also be just the huge amount of length chopped off
-Chest feels about the same, arms a little tighter. I'm a bit fat right now but still feels tighter in shoulder / upper arm compared to before. Edit, looking at old fit, chest is definitely like 2 inches smaller.
-Length is much much shorter, imo too short

I'm 5'7" 180ish pounds right now, normal weight at 170 or so but been loafing around a lot lately... chest 20.75 or so, shoulders 17.75, wearing a size M

and slightly awkward side shot, trying to show where it ends in regards to pockets tumblr_mb8vdiCseZ1qb0bszo1_500.jpg

and here is a fit in M from last year to show the HUGE difference, I'm probably a bit heavier now then I was then as well:
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Thanks for the pics.

What size did you order?

So, you ordered a M. Weird that Porter shows a 6'1 model wearing a M. And, a few pages back, robinsongreen68, at 5'11, is wearing a M. Confusing.
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Originally Posted by msg View Post

Thanks for the pics.
What size did you order?
ah my bad, size M
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always thought Steven was white for some reason

should know better, I suppose Asian should always be the first guess haha
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damn steven that sucks to hear
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Here's this seasons SNS Stark (MEDIUM) laid on top of my old FW11 navy one (SMALL).

First impressions are similar to stevent's. Felt lighter, seemed shorter....actually comparing side by side to my old stark, the new medium = old small in pretty much every regard. This seasons starks are softer than past seasons though - meaning my new stark feels the same as my current old stark, while I remember when my old stark was new, it was pretty rigid until it was broken in.

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