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ditto to pho, sushi, soft-shell crab, scallops, porcinis, bacon, espresso. gin and tonic thai soups kumamotos roe -- salmon, caviar john dory butter-poached lobster mushrooms -- enoki, lion's mane, oyster, cepes, morels, chanterelles, truffles obviously duck -- peking, confit pork -- berkshire belly, suckling pig, bbq pork, dumplings, serrano ham lamb, pretty much any way you can do it braised short ribs sweetbreads liver -- veal, duck, foie (just a little, seared) orzo, israeli couscous, basmati rice (it's a textural thing) cheese -- epoisses, triple cremes (brillat-savarin, pierre robert), most sheep's milk cheeses (ossau-iraty) apple desserts -- pie, tarts, strudel, bread and butter pudding chewy ginger cookies dark dark chocolate -- amadei, cluizel, valrhona in a pinch ice cream -- vanilla, maple, green tea, burgers french fries (on the thinner side but not shoestring and definitely not home-style) bordeaux N & S rhone reds german rieslings sweet wines--(T)BAs, ice wine, tokaji, sauternes, muscat beames-de-venise, banyuls
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Forgot -- the spider soft shelled crab roll at Kaz;
Morel mushrooms
oeufs en cocotte aux truffes
Pappardelle with ragu
Brown sugar
Grand Marnier souffle
Gruener Veltliner
A cafe creme and a Mont Blanc at Angelina
Macaroons from Pierre Herme
In n Out burgers
Fries with aioli
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An outstanding piece of Tonkatsu. Maisen in Omotesando makes the best one I've had yet, my dad's home cooked recipie is a close second.
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Guinness (best when in Ireland, but I'll drink it anywhere)
Bass Ale
Harpoon IPA
English bitters
Good bourbon
Tanqueray & Tonic
Jack Daniels (on the rocks or, in the Summer, mixed with lemonade)
Reuben Sandwich
Hot fudge sundae (mint chocolate chip or peppermint stick ice cream)
Fried stilton fritter appetizer at the Trumbull Kitchen - downtown Hartford (no, my name's not Tommy, and I'm not that hard to please)
Spicy steak burrito - The Mexican Restaurant, West Hartford
Sausage and polenta appetizer - Spris Restaurant, Hartford
Good Chicken Vindaloo
Macoun apples
My grandmother's Finnish bread
Good coffee, especially when combined with a good blueberry, bran, or carrot muffin

There are many more - did I mention that I used to be fat?
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Originally Posted by globetrotter
open invitation - let me know the next time you are in my neck of the woods and I will smoke a shoulder of pork.

And when you are in mine I will take you out for a real taco.
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Originally Posted by iammatt
And when you are in mine I will take you out for a real taco.

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Mmmm, spider roll...

Chorizo and roasted pepper on crusty bread
Blue crabs (heavy on the Old Bay) and natty boh
Chile relleno
A well-made margarita
A spicy bloody mary
Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA

J, friend of mine had a microwave bacon rack (something like this) that worked really well.
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Korean Kalbi BBQ

Perfectly cooked med Filet steak

Mint n Chip ice cream
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Nothing better than fresh fruit:

White peaches
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Vacio Empanadas de carne Alfajores Havana Chorizo Chocolate en Rama Dulce de Leche Gandara Coca-Cola Godiva white chocolate hearts, filled with dark chocolate Clearly Canadian cherry flavor A good veal parmigiana And of course, midstream (although, if done wrong it tastes like piss). Jon.
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This wil probably sound rather pedestrian but here goes:

Green hazelnuts (the shell is not completely hard yet).
Shawarma/gyros made by one of the "Sam's" chain shops around the eastern mediterrannean. Damn, enough garlic to be radioactive Yum!
Iranian/Persian style ice cream with rosewater, pistachios and cardamom.
Greek-style cold rice pudding with piles of cinammon on top. Indian style with cardamom is good, too! Mahallebi as done in Cyprus, with rosewater sugar and rose cordial poured over the top (Lebanese style without the rose is a wee bit too bland for me but good)
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Ooh, we can include drinks too?

My grandfather's zivania-based liqueur (which I managed to put togeher). Tastes so innocent yet sweet, luxurious and potent
Flemish red sour ales like Duchesse de Bourgogne/Petrus Oud Bruin
Cantillon Geuze. Sour like hell but by Jove, hell of a flavour!

And, pork spare ribs - marinated in honey and soy sauce, with piles of basmati!
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Kobe beef
Fried lobster tail
Kung Pao chicken
Orange beef from Wing Lei in Vegas
Tacos of any variety from Taqueria del Sol in Atlanta
Chocolate cake from a local place called Watershed
Mint chip ice cream
Anything with rasberry (donuts, jam, chocolate)
Ga-Ga's chicken (don't ask...)
Wheat beer on a sunny afternoon after work
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Forgot about fruit...
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Originally Posted by RJMan
Forgot about fruit...

Make sure you get your hands on some fresh almonds now that you are in France. They are at the very top of my best tasting list.
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