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The best tasting things out there

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i would like to nominate mangoes, Coke, chocolate and cold Milo as the best tasting things out there. Other nominees?
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Malpeque oysters on the half shell, o-toro, bacon, fried soft-shell crab (on a po-boy with lots of butter, or by itself), nocciola gelato (you already covered chocolate), Lagunitas IPA, Pappy Van Winkle, illy espresso all come to mind.
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Scallops sauteed in butter and garlic and white wine
Curry dishes
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Blue Moon beer
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Bit of a sweet tooth there, Matt?

I add:

Pine nuts
Porcini mushrooms

Hmmm, I think I will have Italian for lunch today.
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The Red Mill Bacon Deluxe. MmmMmMm
Red Mill Burger's Babe's Onion Rings. MmMmMm

Garlic Jim's Pizza: Chicken Bacon Ranch (sub black olive for tomato) or Double crispy pepperoni, black olive, and cashews.


Broiled lobster tail with butter, garlic, and dill.

BBQ ribs (slow smoked, preferrably "dry". people in the know will understand, wet will do in a pinch)

Ezelle's Famous Fried Chicken. I like the spicy. (Oprah likes it too!)

Rockstar energy drinks.

Good strong coffee. Black.
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Bacon, Guinness, brown gravy
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Oh, and apple butter.
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Originally Posted by DocHolliday
Oh, and apple butter.

MMMMM! I'd love to slap some of that on some toast right now.

I guess cinnamon, sugar, and butter will have to do.

Thanks for making me hungry.
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dont know how i omitted bacon.

i err on the side of squishy bacon, i dont like it too crisp, just tastes like i am eating coal then. soft bacon - so you really know that some pig suffered for this - works for me
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raw oysters

pineapple pizza

any of the char-grilled vietnamese dishes
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anything touched by Thomas Kellher (sp?) or from his cookbooks, if done properly.

a perfect pizza made with real water buffalo mozzarella
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mole negro salsa picante garlic bread cocktail sauce dijon mustard pepperoncini snickers bars (try them frozen) spicy barbecue sauce tiramisu flan ice cold coca-cola on a hot day when you haven't had a coke in a long time. hot chocolate almost forgot wasabe and the sauce they put on korean bbq. and the sauce they use at koo koo roo.
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I'm down with bacon too but I don't like it crispy, I prefer it soggy and fatty.
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i'm not a big fan of bacon, but i do like the way it smells while it's cooking.
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