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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post
^that's my guess. who knows if he even exists. 20 different doods in different supposed pics of him.

This article would lead me to believe that Margiela as a person does indeed exist.
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MMM - My go-to staple, lots of wearables with great detailing

Number (N)ine - I've been on a punk ivy leaguer tip later and this fufils my rock n roll fantasies

Miharayasuhiro - See n(n)...although its more techy and futuristic for when I want to switch it up

Thom Browne / Black Fleece - Can't stop wearing his trousers and oxford shirts as the fit is just what i like

Gitman Vintage - Great and affordable button shirts

Fred Perry MIE / MIJ - For when I need to rock the polo + jeans + boots combo, which i do alot nowadays

Uniqlo/ Muji - Great basics

Also loving any kind of superlative casual loafer now, from sperry boat shoes to my recently bought OC grey penny loafers.
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3sixteen - denim
American Apparel - tees
Converse/Clarks/Red Wing - Shoes
Gitman Brothers Vintage/RRL - Shirts
Temple of Jawnz, Krane - Outerwear (though I can't afford the second)
Y-3 - Sportswear
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Sticking with things I actually wear, and in no order: Rag&bone: Fits me well and easy to wear Folk/shofolk: Interesting knitwear and comfy shoes Junya Watanabe: only have one piece, but the looks influence me YMC : design that fits in with the rest of what I wear, plus very affordable. I love the footwear as well. 45RPM: Awesome fabrics and details Double RL: My favorite jeans are 4 year old slim fits, and RRL makes up most of my basic wardrobe, and what got me into higher end clothing. EG: I like Daiki's fabric choices. Springcourt: comfiest canvas shoes I've tried. Uniqlo: if only there were more than one in the US. Converse: I've worn chucks ever since I can remember and will probably always own at least one pair.
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Alpha Industries
Hickey Style
H&M (im poor, sorry)
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Rag&Bone MMM Rogue's Gallery RLBL Thom Browne BoO Loden Dager Richard Chai APC Prorsum I like the styling of Shades of Greige a lot but it's over-priced and fast-fashiony I'm a noob so I don't have most of these things, but I really like the ideas, British edge vs American prep is kinda what I think I'm going for.
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in no order

uniqlo (esp. collabs like oc, th, and jil)
yohji (incl coming soon and y's)
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Thom Browne Rag & Bone Comme des Garcons Helmut Lang Engineered Garments Robert Geller Wings+Horns Ann D. Design T-shirts Store Graniph Woolrich Woolen Mills
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in no order really
1 - wings + horns
2 - band of outsiders
3 - apolis activism
4 - nom de guerre
5 - robert geller
6 - rag & bone
7 - kicking mule workshop
8 - nice collective
9 - surface2air
10 - 3sixteen
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TaT Agnes B RRL Surface2Air Paris Rag & Bone MMM KZO MJK
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Surface2Air Paris Trovata - their shirts fit me w/o tailoring <3 Filippa K Rag & Bone Nice Collective NdG TOJ Varvatos Theory KZO - outerwear some of it.
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Alden KMW Uniqlo Engineered Garments Paul Smith APC J Crew Gitman Yeti Cycles Pivot Cycles
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I'm curious if I can even think of ten.

Terra Plana
Opening Ceremony
No Sweat

That's more my only favourite brands rather than the 10 most favourite of them.
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Damir Doma
Robert Geller
Patrik Ervell = all make clothing I own/or want to own.

Fuck,Im drawing a blank for the rest..probably Jil Sander,CDGH+,Junya...labels I admire but have no desire to ever wear.
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in no particular order * hermes - ties/scarves * uniqlo - jeans/underwear * woolrich woolen mills - jackets * mykita - glasses * marks & spencer - mid-sized automatic open/close umbrella * H.Kang - major distributor of high end fabrics fabrics in HK. (i'm told all the top tailors go here for fabrics) * neil bartlett - he has this new wool cardigan with tweed sleeves + a matching tweed vest/jacket. when it goes together it looks like you're wearing a sports coat w/a gap in the corner of the shoulder. * nike drifit - it wicks sweat the best out of all the sportwear i've tried * manduka - yoga mats and last but certainly not least: *** william - my MTM tailor in SH ***
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