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Originally Posted by Peter1 View Post

^^i still have some SA shirts from the early 2000. The buttons are really substantial and the fabrics held up really well. They were 170 or so then so not cheap. In ht e past few years I've hit up the sample sales and noticed a slight drop in quality, esp. The buttons.

Regarding the twisted placket: you know you can untwist them with an iron?

Sizing is Tts, with the twisted seam being slimmer than the oxfords. A SA medium is the same as a Gitman vintage m, believe it or not.

The suiting pants are a nice pickup on sale, too.

I've also bought my wife a bunch of women's clothes from SA and she loves them..


I actually don't think either the Single Needle or Classic Collegiate collection features a twisted placket (from what I understand, that is a feature of the Reverse Seam collection). Or perhaps I just don't have a keen understanding of what a twisted placket entails (it is simply a rakish misalignment between button and corresponding buttonhole, nicht wahr?). 


At any rate, I can certainly see the value and appeal of Steven Alan from the Single Needle shirt I purchased, and will definitely keep my eyes open for other items that bear the man's name. 


I haven't looked at much of the Steven Alan women's apparel. For my girlfriend's sake, I will check it out.



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^^Sorry, wasn't clear, yes the "reverse seam" shirts have the twisted placket and interior pockets.

However, I have a very early SA shirt that only has the twisted placket -- the seams are normal and the pocket is on the exterior. It also has much larger diameter buttons than the later/current ones.

After about 2002 or so they added the other details -- I don't particularly like the interior pocket, too gimmicky, but the placket and reverse seam are kind of cool and not really noticeable. The single needle shirts are pretty nice; have never tried the collegiate cut.
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remember when i first joined SF, SA were the a days there are better options.
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Originally Posted by irbe View Post

remember when i first joined SF, SA were the a days there are better options.


I remember first hearing of Steven Alan in, I guess, 2008 (when I was an impoverished student trying to convince friends in NYC to take pity and purchase sample sale items for me). 


Strange that it took nearly another 6 years for me to take a risk on a few shirts. 


At any rate, I agree that there are better options. I am curious to know what shirt makers you have been paying attention to these days.

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could anyone tell me whether their shoes are decent quality? Couldn't figure out where they're made. The one I'm looking at is ~half off.

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