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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post
Yes, it's available to order.

The sleeves are still slim but not skinny - the general feel of all TOJ items.

thank you my good man. I'll be ordering soon as I decide what color scheme I want..
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post
How long from order to delivery? Are there photos/swatches of the color combinations being offered?

Turnaround time is approximately 3 weeks. May be longer or shorter depending on our overall workload.

Most of the colors combos can be seen in the gallery of varsity pictures:

I'm sure most of you have enough imagination to visual the few color combos that don't show up in the gallery. Also, Drew wouldn't have listed them if he didn't think they would look good. So for those without an example, use your imagination and, more importantly, your faith.
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Thanks. The lichen one is tits.
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I don't think I've seen the purple leather used before, do you happen to have a swatch? (I'll admit, there is 0 chance I'll be buying this, but) I was wondering if it's super dark "Midnight Purple" or a Royal Purple or what
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Is the white lamb going to be from NZ, or is it thinner italian lamb?
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Just made my first purchase at the Temple (cracked pepper chesterfield w/ leather collar). I am filled with excitement.
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So tempted to cop the navy/beige WV. Can anyone who is size 48/49 post some pics wearing their ToJ + height/weight? Unsure which one to go for. All my jackets seem to fall between the two measurements :s Also, at what sort of arm size would you suggest to get MTM? 15"+?
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dumb question but how exactly do i order one of the new varsities? i don't see it listed on the unofficial temple of jawnz website. first toj purchase.
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To order from the Temple of Jawnz, please email and include the item name in the subject line.
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Varsity = copped.
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Originally Posted by rapefruit View Post
Is the white lamb going to be from NZ, or is it thinner italian lamb?

legit question;

NZ: black, brown, caramel, some greys (not sure if I'm offering these right now), loden green if I can get it to match, otherwise loden turns Italian
Italy, thinner nappa: white, beige, all other colors

That goes for everything we make in lamb, btw, jackets, coats, the varsity.
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Is this the caramel leather? It's described as brown in the description, but it looks a little light. I've been fiending after this colorway for a while.
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I'm wondering what fabrics you will be using for the shirts. Specifically I'm interested in flannels, but I'd like to know about the range. No worries if this info is already on the way, but if it has already been posted and I missed it, I could use a heads up from somebody.
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As glad as I am to see the varsity back given the unmatched quality/price, I must be the only person who prefers the sleeves of the original. I have mediocre shoulders, so I'm more partial to the stronger shoulders of the original varsity.
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new varsity looks like a knockoff of w+h f/w 09 one
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