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Originally Posted by CRIMINAL MINDED View Post
hey Drew

Is it ok to soak the lambskin bombers? Haven't came across someone soaking the lambs yet. Looking for a more form fitting fit. thinking a soak would do the trick. Kinda hesitant because I know the lambskin is pretty delicate.

If it's ok to soak, how long and what temp water works best?


I soaked my grey bomber in warm water. still looks good after that.
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Unless the bomber is black or grey lamb, I wouldn't soak it at all. The brown lamb has a different top finish. I want to stress at this point that leather =/= denim, soaking in water doesn't have the same effect and it can jeopardize the piece. Regular wear in the rain will not hurt, but machine washing, bathtub soaking, I am not responsible for th outcome and I do not recommend it.
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Started an account just so I can say how awesome the leather bomber looks. Seriously, i must've looked through the photos a hundred times over. I dream about the day where I can blow my budget on one of those puppies, keep up the good work!
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thank you, man. I appreciate the support, however it comes. It helps me get into another day of the cycle and working on stuff.
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Originally Posted by BRMC_doves View Post
Anyone wanna sell me their peacoat & save the $$ for the new version?
I plan on waiting for the new chesterfield...but I'd grab a peacoat if it's at cost.

dude, don't post this stuff in my thread man. If you want to buy used TOJ, you can occasionally find it in the FS forums on here and sufu, but there isn't much of it out there to begin with, and you do me a disservice to post things in this thread regarding aftermarket third party trading.
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fuck yeah i don't know how people can think it's ok to post that shit in this thread.
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Also, I wanted to say, regarding customer relations; I try to see that things are made right, and Charly is the communication filter which things must pass through, but a couple times this year I've gotten angry emails back from people because a collar isn't made the way someone wants it, the size is wrong (which we obviously will fix)... but I've had immediately angry emails, threats of chargebacks on a couple things; we fix what is wrong but I will not bow to rudeness, and I hope we can all get along, because I've made this a personal business that I've also made friends though, both customers and non. I have blacklisted a few people who have been not ideal/unfair customers who come back with threatening emails, threats of chargebacks, et, and I don't think I need to speak on stealing obviously, but I have a pretty nasty memory of theft and wrongdoing, and I have the resources to spend $4 the effective way to get my 60 cents back if things go wrong, and so on. Luckily, no one has gone so far as to steal from me, but chargebacks and refunds are not in the cards if I take your order and deliver product. We can discuss other options but if I am making you a bespoke product, we must commit to it and walking away after the fact is not an option.
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Also in that list of no-nos: getting what you claim is a wrong-colored varsity jacket and then wearing the right one in your WAYWT photo. Speaking of which, haven't checked that thread on Sam Youkilis in a while.
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Sorry guys, somewhat of a newb on these type forums.
Won't happen again and I will edit those posts.

I just found out that you guys are coming out with a new and improved I might wait it out and cop directly from you guys.
Please PM me if you have an idea of when it will be available. Thanks
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Hey, is there any chance you might do the peacoat in waxed cotton at some point in the future? For whatever it's worth, I think it would be awesome and I would buy one for sure.
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This is the dark side of retail - people doing complete douchebag level plays on you when your trying to collectively lift everyones game at crazy low costs to begin with. The haggling, the lies, the chargebacks, it's all crazy. I just want to buy more dope items and one day make the TOJ pilgramage and tske you out for BBQ and cigars. Can't wait for the new stuff drew, If I was a chick id be so damp with anticipation.
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What's a chesterfield exactly? Can't find any pics on google images.
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Originally Posted by srendam View Post
What's a chesterfield exactly? Can't find any pics on google images.
Then you really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really suck at Googling
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LULZ @ not being able to find pix of a Chesterfield through have to be trolling.
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The chesterfield is a sofa, maaan. TOJ furniture line.
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