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thanks, aj. I will cruise over to that thread and answer some questions. Did your jacket arrive yet? I think it's been 3 days or so and my shipping is 3-4 days to most places in the world.
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It's not here yet. Should get here by next week
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Just got my jacket, fit is great and the goat feels good too. Will snap some pics on Monday.

gf said it's just soso though, she doesn't like bombers that much
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I'll just add after taking a closer look upon getting home, you all missed out with the goat. Jacket is pretty damn awesome overall.
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Which jacket did you get? The standard bomber?
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I was too big to go for the goat I was wondering who got it in the end.
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OK, TOJ Overstock/Sample Sale time: - please email to: and include the item number in the subject heading as such, ex. TOJ SAMPLE #3 in the header please. I will mark who sends email first on each item, give them a window of a day (24 hrs upon dibs) to pay, and if I don't hear back, I will move to the next person in line on a specific item. -DON"T PM US PLEASE Quick pre-emptive FAQ: -I take paypal. Regular payments are fine, I cover paypal fees, the price listed is the price one needs to fill into the amount field, no more, no less please. PLEASE DON'T PAYPAL ME UNTIL I GIVE YOU DIBS VIA EMAILED RESPONSE, because I don't have time to go back and refund payments to eager beavers, etc. Dibs go to the first person to email on a specific item, and then dibs will be handed down to the next person in line, in order. Also, on the same token, if you email me about a sample and you don't hear back from me, assume that the piece is gone. Unfortunately, I don't have time to respond with 'no, sorry, it's gone' to everybody who emails (there will be a ton of you going for the same things probably) I will try to update in further posts if a piece sells to avoid further confusion, by editing out the pieces sold. All sales will be final, I have measured them thoroughly and I will disclose any faults or unique points in the following descriptions. I unfortunately can't spend time answering sizing questions in emails for these, the measurements are here for your reference on each piece. These are all lightweight pieces without inner insulation except for the WV and fit true to the measurements essentially, unless noted, WV's fit snugger inside than their outside measurements. -Because they are casual outerwear pieces, the most important measurements are the S2S, and then body lengths and sleeve lengths, but note all measurements to be 100% sure -shirts are measured best from the p2p first. Most of these have TOJ tags in them and the other two or three, I will sew in before shipping. I am pricing these aggressively to clear out and make space and funds for future items. Thanks. Note that: -measurements for TOJ varsitys and Bombers include the rib trim in 'length' and that the measurements may seem long but are actually a bit shorter when they slouch on the body/arm. -Motos/DRs should fit snug; the other styles can fit slouchier. All of these are first quality unless noted. 1) Moto price: $375 shipped material: washed black lambskin, brighter silver zips s2s: 18.5 p2p: 20.25 mid: 19 hip 18.5 fr/back length: 21/23 sleeve length 24.25" sleeve width at bicep: 6.75 at elbow: 6.25 at cuff: 5.25 notes: normal. This is the original Moto sample from page 1. Has brighter silver YKK's and not the gunmetal ones we use in the production models. I really like this jacket for what it is, but it is a little big for me and I can't wear it. FIts like a small-medium. 2) Moto price: $375 shipped material: unwashed grey lambskin s2s: 17.5 p2p: 19.5 mid: 17.5 hip 17.75 fr/back length: 19/21 sleeve length 22" sleeve width at bicep: 6.5 at elbow: 6 at cuff: 5.25 notes: condition normal, would be good for shorter/fuller guys, 5'5-7"ish and 130 lbs+... it's like a 46 Small with shorter lengths 3) SOLD 4) SOLD 5) SOLD 6) SOLD 7) Moto price: $375 shipped material: washed grey lambskin s2s: 19.5 p2p: 21.5 mid: 20 hip 20.5 fr/back length: 23.5/25.5 sleeve length 26.5" sleeve width at bicep: 7.5 at elbow: 7 at cuff: 6 Notes: normal fits taller, bigger guys, I am not exactly sure, so check measurements. 8) Peacoat price: $420 shipped material: black melton, sateen lining, black NZ lambskin s2s: 17 p2p: 20.5 fr/back length: 25.4/27.8 sleeve length 24 sleeve width at bicep: 8 (tapers down from there) notes: left over from a run, normal quality. Need to get rid of this to stay afloat on remakes. It's a size SMALL with the lengths of an XS 9) TOJ1 Suede and Leather price: $450 shipped material: purple calf suede, black calfskin sleeves, cotton trench coat blend fabric inside with leather trim. s2s: 16.5 p2p: 19 mid: 18.5 hip 17 fr/back length: 21.5/23.5 sleeve length 26.5 sleeve width at bicep: 6.5 at elbow: 6 at cuff: 5.5 notes: fits like a 44. This is the first sample jacket. Same story as #8, wouldn't sell this normally but I need to fund other stuff we have to do. 10) TOJ Daypack: these are the 3 remaining ones from the run, I'd like to get rid of them so that we can fund the next run of TOJ bags. All 3 are purple calf suede, small discount at $260 shipped each 11+) TOJ buttonup shirts, all sample size XS, all new and unworn. price: $85 shipped or discount in multiples, $80 shipped for 2+, $350 if you take all 5 shirts Shirts feature a medium-sized collar. a) Red/natural narrow hickory stripe b) SOLD c) royal blue small gingham d) SOLD e) SOLD
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Damn it. One grey moto is too small, and the other is too big.
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Originally Posted by mrchariybrown View Post
OK, TOJ Overstock/Sample Sale time:

Damn, need a moto with 23-24 p2p.
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Incoming wall of images: the one and only TOJ goat bomber:

Here's how it fits, just took some quick shots:

Overall, gotta say that it is above my expectations. Leather is strong yet feels soft and lux at the same time. I wasn't expecting it to be that soft. It's rainy today and so far it holds up well. Rain just falls off the jacket and doesn't seem to absorb at all. Collar is nice, got more strength to it than any other ribbed collar I've seen which means it won't flop around everywhere. Only thing to worry about is that the goat skin is soft enough that the zipper can scratch it. You all missed out on a pretty amazing leather.
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goat moto would've been sicker, but damn
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looks fantastically epic
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Originally Posted by aeglus View Post
Here's how it fits, just took some quick shots:

last two pics fucking own
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Looks really good worn.
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that's an amazing fit.
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