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coming along well, d. let's talk about that e-commerce site soon. you're gonna need it.
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Looking forward to the Perfecto...Didn't know you were makin the bomber so it's between those 2...
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Originally Posted by Stylish Pilot View Post
Don't know if i could pull off leather with my wardrobe. but they are sooo nice.

Whats the latest we could get an order in on the Harrington?

I'm gonna run most of this stuff for 1-2 months, but I plan to evolve my line through the seasonal changes so new stuff will pop up, old stuff will take a rest.

And what Stylish Pilot can't wear a leather jacket?!? That's like a cowboy saying he's not sure about the boots and the hat...

Originally Posted by Nil View Post
I have a TOJ varsity and I'm more than happy with it. Too bad I've only been able to wear it out at night twice so far because it's been too hot. Dismal/imployt is incredibly helpful and everything with the order, from customization to shipping, went well.

Now it looks like I'll have to get a TOJ leather also.

Thanks for your order, man. The Temple of Jawnz depends on the customers so it's always appreciated. I'm not sure which jacket you have in mind, but based on your build, I think the A2 bomber would work for you very well. The accordian arm scythes on the back give the back about 2-3 extra inches of give on both sides when you stretch your arms out, and then fold back in really neatly and flat when your back is straight and not flexed. It's a great cut for athletic people and I think we could tweak out a perfect fit now that you know your varsity size, the patterns are very very similar.

Originally Posted by andyliu52 View Post
can you explain the options for the a2? also is lambskin gonna be durable enough?

For now, I can do black or brown. The leather is very delicate, it's not for beating up or rolling around on the ground on. If you do need a more durable option, we can go to cowhide for no additional cost. It'd be very stiff and different from the lamb I've pictured. I will say though, I've never seen lamb this rich or soft anywhere except for brands like RLPL, Hermes, that level. The more popular leather jacket brands, Rick, Julius, Dior, they have nothing on this lamb that I am using, and I've handled all of them.

Originally Posted by nyf View Post
Could you discuss the (removable?) quilted lining option for the leathers, ie, how thick, added cost, etc? Ideally, show a sample?

The quilted lining will not be removable, it'd be in place of the cupro lining that comes as standard. It'd be poly fill with a cotton or acetate facing, probably black. It would affect the inner fit slightly so one may want to size up, especially on the sleeves as my sleeves are cut aggressively slim.

I don't have samples of every single option, I have standard stuff and then the options exist for those who want to take them. I don't go halfway though, if it's not to an overall standard I keep, I just wouldn't offer it, so trust that it will be good.

Quilted instead of cupro would be free of charge. It'd make the jacket pretty damn warm though, strictly 1-season as opposed to 3.
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sorry dont know if u missed my question, but do u do all of these urself?
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I cut patterns for each order, and then I place them with separate tailors who specialize in each kind of piece. Varsity jackets go with a guy who only makes varsity jackets for a living, the leathers go to a woman who makes leather jackets, etc. I plan to have a tailored line eventually and those will be bespoke, made by a good tailor that I have a relationship with, who does everything right as far as suits go.
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do your rider in grey pls
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post
do your rider in grey pls
Already PM'd on charcoal and grey for moto and perfecto lol
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wow that reversible varsity looks great, i saw it on sufu and for some reason thought you stopped selling them, glad to hear I can still pick them up...when do you think you are going to stop selling that style btw...need to save cash.
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Any chance of seeing fit pics on some of the items here?
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yes, I am gonna get fit pics of everything. My in-house photographer (girlfriend) went to bed tonight really early and upset because she's trying to seduce a straight girl into sleeping with her and her game isn't sticking for today, so she's not happy nor talking right now. Maybe tomorrow on the fit pics.
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Can we get some pics of brown leather please?

Also, anymore closeup pics or fitpics of varsity jacket?
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that a-2 bomber looks real nice, good stuff
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I'm happy to see you finally got your own thread on here. I just joined the Facebook group the other day. The whole line looks amazing. If you ever think about going the retail route i'd love to talk to you about it, for now though i think i'm gonna need a reversible varsity/ goretex MA-1. That could honestly be the most perfect jacket i have come across for myself. The MTM options would clear up the length issues i usually have with bomber style jackets. Hopefully you will be hearing from me soon. Keep up the amazing work.
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cant see pics so subscribing for when i get home...probably gonna be too small for me though....
or too modern....
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TOJ is amazing. Bought the TOJ0 varsity a month or so ago and dismal did a top notch job with the service, very helpful. Great jacket too, obviously. Also, ridiculously fast delivery: from Seoul to Helsinki, Finland in like three days or something.

This is really the best thing about the internets right now.
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