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Here are some fit pics of the slim trousers. I am not too happy with how they came out but I am a terrible pants model because I am so skinny and short legged, and have bad posture. Anyhow, the basics on these pants: This sample pair are black super 170's wool. It's pretty nice. You can have this as standard, and there are some colors in the same 170's book. Otherwise, we have TONS of fabric from which you could choose, in wool, cotton, etc. Just talk to us. The slim pant is single-pleated, self-belted, with hidden elastic in the band. I based these on a favorite pair of trousers of mine, but we tweaked the pattern a bit to our liking, and re-engineered the self-belt hidden elastic detail to make it work. They gather slightly when hung up on a hanger, but when worn, you can't tell these are elastic banded pants, they look so clean and crisp. They're very comfortable to sit down in, which can be a sore point in side-tab pants with no elastic - if they fit you standing up, you will find traditional sidetab pants to be tight when sitting down - not the TOJ's though, they are immensely comfortable to sit around in. I don't want to delete the pleats nor the band on orders, those are the point of the pants. The block is also very slim as-is so people won't really need to ask for anything adjusted in this pattern. It has inseam as-is for tall people as well, and we'll leave them unhemmed or hem at request. I'll get measurements up on the sample pair later so you have an idea of how these measure. Keep in mind that I am really, really skinny, so pants that look looser on me are not actually that loose.
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Trousers look great. Surprised I'm actually digging that unbelted look. Very clean, very Jil/Raf-ish. Here is a picture of how the peacoat fits me. Sorry for the smug facial expression. Awkward straight-on arms down pose for fit viewing: A better reflection of how most people see me in it:
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^Looks good B Here's a pic of that brown goatskin I bought the other day: there's only enough for one jacket, and it's going to have to be a smaller sized one at that. I do recommend this for a Bomber, as it'd make a really good one. This stuff is soft yet tough, and water resistant. It would age really well and already looks a little vintage as it is.
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Nice leather porn.
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Is that pretty close to the true color or does it look more light than it really is?
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The true color is between the light edges and the shadowed area in the middle, like a slightly rusty, lighter than hershey's chocolate brown, but it has more tones in it than the lamb because of the texture.
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Charly is gonna throw the sample sale up soon. I have him doing it so he can edit out the sold items in real time and track dibs better.
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toj sample @ sufu.
this looks exceptional. What size did you get? your height/weight?, details on shoes and pants haha?
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Sample sale, don't sleep (probably are):
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OK, TOJ Overstock/Sample Sale time: - please email to: and include the item number in the subject heading as such, ex. TOJ SAMPLE #3 in the header please. I will mark who sends email first on each item, then I will reply back with a window of a day (24 hrs upon my confirmation of your dibs) to pay, and if I don't receive payment within a day, I will move to the next person in line on a specific item. - DON'T PM US PLEASE (we won't respond to anything regarding this sample sale) Quick pre-emptive FAQ: - I take paypal. Regular payments are fine, I cover paypal fees, the price listed is the price one needs to fill into the amount field, no more, no less please. - PLEASE DON'T PAYPAL ME UNTIL I GIVE YOU DIBS VIA EMAILED RESPONSE, because I don't have time to go back and refund payments to eager beavers, etc. Dibs go to the first person to email on a specific item, and then dibs will be handed down to the next person in line, in order. - Also, on the same token, if you email me about a sample and you don't hear back from me, assume that the piece is gone. Unfortunately, I don't have time to respond with 'no, sorry, it's gone' to everybody who emails (there will be a ton of you going for the same things probably) I will try to update in further posts if a piece sells to avoid further confusion, by editing out the pieces sold. - All sales will be final, I have measured them thoroughly and I will disclose any faults or unique points in the following descriptions. I unfortunately can't spend time answering sizing questions in emails for these, the measurements are here for your reference on each piece. These are all lightweight pieces without inner insulation and fit true to the measurements essentially, unless noted, WV's fit snugger inside than their outside measurements. - Because they are casual outerwear pieces, the most important measurements are the S2S, and then body lengths and sleeve lengths, but note all measurements to be 100% sure - Most of these have TOJ tags in them and the other two or three, I will sew in before shipping. I don't have time to put chains into them if they don't have them though, and there are no extra chains right now. Some prices are going to be ridiculous, as in fractions of what I pay to get them made, to account for condition/flaws; other prices on normal quality items will be more normal so I can recover more of their original cost. Thanks. Note that: - measurements for TOJ varsitys and Bomber at 'bottom body' and 'cuff' are referring to leather/fabric portions, not including rib trim, which tightens significantly past the given measurement to make for a snugger fit, but also stretches to fit. My measurements are for the non-stretchy part just above it. - sleeve measurements for same jackets also appear a little long, that is to end of cuff or double cuff folded once (on TOJ0's)... They seem long but if you automatically subtract about .5"-1" for riding up and slouching, that will probably seem more normal and how you should size them. - Motos/DRs should fit snug; the other styles can fit slouchier. All of these are first quality unless noted. 1) SOLD 2) SOLD 3) SOLD 4) Moto price: $400 shipped material: washed grey lambskin s2s: 19.5 p2p: 21.5 mid: 20 hip 20.5 fr/back length: 23.5/25.5 sleeve length 26.5" sleeve width at bicep: 7.5 at elbow: 7 at cuff: 6 Notes: normal fits taller, bigger guys, I am not exactly sure, so check measurements. 5) SOLD 6) SOLD 7) SOLD 8) Moto price: $400 shipped material: washed black lambskin, brighter silver zips s2s: 18.5 p2p: 20.25 mid: 19 hip 18.5 fr/back length: 21/23 sleeve length 24.25" sleeve width at bicep: 6.75 at elbow: 6.25 at cuff: 5.25 notes: normal. This is the original Moto sample from page 1. Has brighter silver YKK's and not the gunmetal ones we use in the production models. FIts like a medium. 9) SOLD 10) SOLD 11) SOLD 12) SOLD 13) SOLD 14) SOLD
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Really like the look of the pants Imoplyt.
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So when are the pants going to be up for order? You can get pretty much any fabric we can think of? Whats the price point going to be? Sorry if these have been answered already.
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fuck i wish that varsity was just a little bigger all over!
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Originally Posted by connor View Post
fuck i wish that varsity was just a little bigger all over!

I sorta want the grey moto in #7 but I think it's slightly too long and maybe just slightly too big for me
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need trousers!
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